Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


More of the usual attention seeking from McNarcissist ?





Why the fcuk do the media have to push Schmidt on his future. He is in place til after the World Cup next year. Why not fucking leave it. Why does anyone need to know beyond that at this time??? If he comes out now and says he won’t extend after that then it could undermine everything. Why can’t they just leave it alone!



Because they are impatient children, with an insatiable sense of entitlement


Crazy stuff. If he’s not staying it could seriously undermine RWC cos those fcukers will talk about nothing else … :imp:


He already told them that he’d be making an announcement on his future sometime after the weekend

Shytehawks can’t contain themselves in the meantime


He is a shoo in for the All Blacks and he will be their next manager. He will go, after the world cup.


And they will use it to undermine RWC year …,


So with the results today, are the Northern Hemisphere teams now the dominant teams in world rugby?


Only if you turn the world upside down …


Well Figi beat France :joy::joy:


How do they get them into the fij rolls.


France scores 2 tries, both courtesy of rolling mauls :roll_eyes:

Fiji’s 2 tries we’re beautiful


France as a shambles, the pro era has ruined their rugby. The exact opposite trajectory to ireland.


Always nice to see .


Scandalous. He is a sneaky, cowardly cûnt. It should have been a yellow card and a penalty try.


How many kids asked for a blue Ireland rugby jersey (to go with their green one) after yesterday’s game?
Absokutely no need to change kits, otherwise.


Advertisement at its finest