Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Congrats to Johnny, Joe and the Ireland team on their success tonight


World Rugby Awards
Player of the Year - Sexton
Coach of the Year - Schmidt
Team of the Year - Ireland


Res Dubs member of the year?


Can’t argue with that


With a little touch of irony George Best’s anniversary is today too.




Sexton lost his voice this evening , infection , had Best read out his speech .


How dare Sexton have a rapist supporter read his speech #MeToo


Andy Farrell to replace Schmidt after the World Cup

I don’t think they can get a better replacement tbh


Yep. Lancaster was the only other contender for me


Schmidt won’t be taking the All Blacks job it seems either. Says he’s finishing coaching after the WC to concentrate on his family


He says that now.


Genuine question but why do you rate Farrell so highly? He is the current defence coach? There’s no denying our defense is excellent at the moment.


Nah think he’s genuine. His son has a serious form of Epilepsy AFAIK


They said on the radio yesterday that he has mostly grown out of that or that it’s not as bad as it was when he was younger, but maybe that’s it, none of our business i suppose really!


He’s coached non stop since 2007. Leinster and Ireland have been particularly demanding. And looking after his ill son. The man deserves a couple of years off. I’d say he’ll take a franchise job in NZ in a couple of years time. And maybe the AB’s after that.


He will definitely manage the ABs at some point.


Eddie Jones, Warren Gatland and Michael Cheika could all learn a lot from Joe Schmidt about how to be humble and conduct themselves.
Schmidt has had a fantastic year, there is no doubt. I still believe that he could be a bit more adventurous but whatever criticisms anyone may have of him, nobody could dispute that he is an absolute gentleman and proof (like Jim Gavin) that good guys CAN win at the top.
I hope Schmidt goes out on a real high next Autumn.


He’s a brilliant coach and his record with us and the Lions speaks for itself. Joe Schmidt is no fool and wouldn’t have him anywhere near the team if he didn’t rate him, he also has the same maniacal attention to detail and willingness to learn that Schmidt has and the systems are in place to maintain his good work.


You’re only saying that cos if he does we do.