Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


No, Beeko is his dealer.


Where is he from? Don’t remember him playing and a quick google came up short!



He made over 350 appearances for Wigan playing League and took up Union with Saracens after retiring from Wigan. He only played 1 year I think for England.

His young fella is the English number 10 at the moment Owen Farrell


He should teach him how to tackle …


It’s every game now with him


Andy Farrell was somewhat of a legend in his Rugby League playing days.
Owen Farrell’s back up as England’s fly-half is George Ford. Ford’s father, Mike, was a previous defence coach to the Ireland rugby team when Eddie O’Sullivan was in charge and was well regarded at the time.


I don’t know how he gets away with it. Saturday’s “tackle” was game-changing.

2015 Aviva Premiership Final, he is penalised early on for a high tackle on Bath’s Anthony Watson. Could have been a red card, but wasn’t even shown a yellow. Watson, who had just had a brilliant season, can’t continue due to concussion. Minutes later, when he should have been off the field, Farrell scores the opening try.
I’ll give you one guess as to who the referee was.


Wayne Barnes





Same on Saturday, he sets up the try when he should be in the sin bin.


That was a ridiculous call. The audacity of the ref to say to Hooper "you’re player led with the shoulder too (or something similar to that) "; and not to bother checking with the TMO was worse.


Good Jaysus… what player DOESN’T lead with the shoulder unless they’re trying a handoff? You’re allowed lead with the shoulder so long as you’re not trying to shoulder into a tackler’s face would be how I read the rule. Also, in this instance, the Australian player had just broken a tackle and wouldn’t have had time to adjust his body position. The onus would be on the player making the tackle to do so legally.


It’ll be Farrell and Lancaster in a reversal of roles.


What would we do without the English :grin:


6 years is a good stint for any coach these days. Thought it being the lead item on the 6.01 news was a bit much though. Maybe mckeanna has a point about rugbys overinflated opinion of itself …(runs as quick as he can )


Joe Schmidt in a hat!



Brilliant coach. Not a great man, in fact he is way down low in my estimation about player welfare it’s not even funny. And my experience is a professional one, with my interaction between him, a player and me. Lousy man in fact. Absolutely put the life of a player at risk due to selfish desires. I won’t go any further, suffice to say, while I love this team’s success, I cannot like this man. No matter how hard I try.


There’s s story in that!


Little comfort to South Africa…