Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Hansen stepping down as AB’s coach after the WC


No surprise there.


Wow that’s surprising.


Leinster magnificent to watch.


Always slagging off Munster aren’t ye! :yum:


Do the french and english clubs really give a flying about the champions cup though ???


Yes I believe they do. I also believe that Leinster are easily the best club side in Europe


Thanks be to God Johnny won the gong. James McClean some act to follow. Thought the hockey team were going to clean sweep. What did they win the Final by?




Is it really credible that the Irish hockey team and their manager can win team and manager of the year ahead of JS and the rugby team??


They do care but they clearly don’t base their whole season around it, unlike the Irish provinces where players are strategically rested to peak for this competition alone. Top English and French teams who have a huge panel and who have domestic success will give it more focus but players in both those leagues seem to get flogged.


First Irish senior team to reach a world championship final in a field sport so it is a great achievement. The dubs have not had a sniff at any of these awards this decade. Presumably a clean sweep awaits if the 5 is completed next year


i wouldn’t bet on it, not if the tiddlywinks team wink their way to the semi finals of the u25s left handers world championships.


In fairness though, compared to the Dubs they will have achieved that much virtually on buttons


As far as I know, the Irish Ladies’ hockey team are, by and large, amateurs whereas their counterparts in the top countries are generally full-time professionals. If this is the case, they deserve huge respect and compliments.


And they got it. And then some…


I’d say the team award is due to fact it was a public vote and probably every schoolgirl in the land voted for them.

Also the Dubs 4-in-a-Row & Leinster doing the double would have weakened the vote for the rugby team … or when you said rugby team, did you mean Leinster ??? :grinning::grinning::grinning:


If we win the 5 in a row we still won’t get it next year. Especially when the rugby team win the World Cup.


Won’t be too upset, sure we can always get it the following year when we do 6 in a row :+1:


But the Fai have a grand plan whereby McCarthy wins euro 2020 before he then has to step down so it will be 2021 b4 Jim and the team win .