Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


So it’s “The magnificent seven” … ok!!


In 2021 a romantic hurling win( Offaly!!!) makes sure the Dubs are foiled again. So 2022 it is , culchies call it the “ hateful eight”( in a row).


Jesus wept


I see Wayne Barnes turned another Irish team over again last weekend. He’s a right bell end.


Yeah he did. Totally failed to manage the Castres indiscipline. Munster really only have themselves to blaje though. Shockingly bad decision making at key moments. They still top the group, but barring a major turnaround, best they’ll end up with is likely an away quarter final.


Carberry’s goal-kicking wasn’t the best. I hope it’s not a sign of him being flakey under pressure.


That got a bit if air time this week alright. I’d leave it in the ‘bad day at the office’ category for now. He’s only a young fella. Sexton wasn’t starting for Leinster at Carberys age, let alone in the Irish squad. New club, environment etc also. He’ll develop the clutch stuff. But that will come with experience.


17 points down with 11 minutes to go. 3 converted tries, last with the clock in the red and after 40 phases. Some team.


You also couldn’t make this (only one so far I can find) video up. Vast majority of the scores at the far end from the worst view possible, and the Connaught supporter who has edited it (pretty well in fairness) has put in commentary as if they don’t know the outcome as the game goes along!

That you Mayo man?? :wink:


Leinster yesterday & Leeds today … It was the weekend of the comeback :laughing::laughing::laughing:


BBC’s Rugby Magazine Show (radio) lists 8 Irish players in their 2018 World XV. Dan Leavy is included. He had a great year, the funny thing being that you couldn’t actually be certain that he is an automatic starter for Leinster.


Interesting story.


That won’t please the wrishty faschishts


No Jonny Sexton tomorrow!?!? This is live on Channel 4 btw


Sexton is struggling with injury. Robbie Henshaw is apparently close to returning.
Hopefully, Sexton is back soon. I am not fully convinced (yet) on Carberry though more game time with Munster should help him develop.
No Jack McGrath, Devin Toner nor Dan Leavy in Leinster’s 23, either. I presume they’re all injured?


I know Toner has an ankle problem - not aware of any issue with the other two but Leavy must certainly be injured to not make the 23.


Carberry with 15 first half points for Munster. Sexton injured …



You’d hardly deny him the experience?


You can’t just move people in without consulting people …


Hear what you’re saying at least he’s getting game time with Munster, so we’ve our two kickers getting high profile games before Internationals.