Rugby 2016-2019 (Until we win the World Cup......)


Leinster could do with this tomorrow …


How can you delete a previous post?


If you give Marty McFly or Dr Brown a shout they can help. Mostly though if you do or say something stupid these days it can never be retracted. Never. Ever.


Love seeing David Humphreys looking miserable. His (negative) style is all over Gloucester. I was watching them last week in an English Premiership game and, at 14 points down, they were kicking for goal from penalties. Contrast that with Exeter who, no matter what the score, nearly always kick to touch and look for tries.


It’s his Ulster mentality. Didn’t he spend time with Tyrone? Or was it Armagh?


Who else playing last night for Munster is ex Leinster? Tadgh Britney. Anyone else?


Andrew Conway


Great performance by Leinster! Defended brilliantly when they had to and were very intelligent in getting the 4 tries.


Smashing try from Stockdale. An absolutely incredible player


There are some horrible fcukers involved with Ulster rugby.

Zebo’s upset met with this by Neil Best. Fcukin head in the sand knuckldraggers - him and all the supportive comments. No racism in Ulster eh … Wafch the news lads - every fcukin week.



You shop in BT ?


I’m on the left. Is the Heino not a giveaway?


It’s true that you are as good looking as they said you are …


It wouldn’t surprise me tbh. When I was a young lad (about 20 years ago) there was an Ulster chap beside us singing sectarian songs during an Ireland international game (he was subsequently kicked out). Another drink and that’s the kind of person that would be shouting racist slurs at Zebo.


Racialistic people in every bunch of supporters. I’ve heard racist abuse at the Compromise Rules and if there were black players at the higher level of GAA now it would occur


I think the Trevor Brennan approach to that, works best.


Where is his son at now?


A win at Wasps (and they should win there) will ensure Leinster a home quarter final. Munster are well placed to top their group but need results elsewhere to go there way in order to get a home draw. Edinburgh will probably clinch the 4th best Group Winners’ spot giving them a home quarter final against either Munster or Exeter. I don’t think Munster would be too daunted by that. Exeter are beginning to get good form back and will be dangerous in Thomond.


Beastville. Think hes with Montpellier