Rugby 2018


We didn’t!!! :yum:


We were just very sloppy, especially in the second half. It was like some of the lads just assumed that the win was in the bag and didn’t exert themselves.


Just seen the highlight of English v oz, not sure the score reflects the game overall



Fiji beat NZ 4-2 in the oik rugger. FOUR-TWO, three penalties, mad stuff. Tonga lucky to scrape past Lebanon, as you do. England big favourites to beat PNG today, could be fun. And if they get past them, the semi-final with Tonga could be a huuuuuuuuuge battle.


Told you he was muck.


It’s all well and good scoring tries when we’re dominating but Joe says he’s hesitant defensively and suspect under a high ball.


Joy Neville gets World Rugby Referee of the Year … I’d hate to think it’s a consolation prize from them …


They’ll all be tested in Twickenham in the new year.


Yep, we’ll see what he’s made of in the six nations. Should be a good championship actually, scotland seem to be improving under townsend and wales while not going all that well (do they ever int he autumn) are always capable of beating us.


… and France are rubbish… drew at home to Japan on Saturday… Japan scored three tries to France’s two.
Scotland’s upward curve has been going on since Verne Cotter’s days, in fairness.


Watched the France game. They’re absolutely terrible and really shouldve lost. Bastearaud was introduced in the 2nd half. Just shows were they are at the moment. Try and bash your way over the line.

Skill wise, the Japanese were streets ahead. The game was played on an astro Surface. Both teams suffered a few injuries each.

The Japanese botched a handy conversion to win it at the death. Was fuming as I backed them at 4/1 in running.


kind of surreal how shit france are. Really thought noves would bring them on but it just hasn’t happened. If they’re still trying bastareaud then they’re at nothing. Clubs still have too much power over there? Huge playing population and a genuine rugby culture, you’d think they’d get it together at some stage, must be the number f forridin players playing there.


Still reckon we will struggle to beat them in Paris …


We’re still at the point where if we get injuries to s few key players the standard goes downhill rapidly.


Murray and Johnny are almost irreplaceable. We have cover for everywhere else.


Did you see the second string v Fiji?


I was at it. That was a mixture of second and third strings. Plus we are unlikely to need to replace the entire team in that manner! He has built a bigger squad of decent players than we have ever had before.


ah lots of decent players yes, well, decent against average enough teams. The rugby media keep saying it over and over again and possibly by historical standards we have more strength in depth. But i think the standard drops off quite a bit in all but few positions. Remember not too long ago people we’re getting very excited about Gilroy, great finisher, shame about the rest of his game.


Almost amazing comeback by Tonga Vs Eng in the Oik rugger WC semi-final, Eng 20-0 up with seven minutes left, and after two controversial decisions helped England to be 12-0 up at ht. Tonga got three tries and conversions in five minutes, and were looking like getting another to win when an England player got a most unlikely rip of the ball off the Tongan player who was closing in on the line.


Been watching a bot of this Tourney. The highlights of NZ v Tonga (quarter final I think) are worth watching. Some great action, and the atmosphere was bloody amazing.

Tonga were so so close to turning the English over at the death. Again, the highlights are worth watching.