Rugby 2018


Throw in Tadgh Furlong. One of the best tight-heads currently playing the game - probably the best in the Northern Hemisphere.

Peter O’Mahony could be heading to France also at the season’s end. Still only 28, I’d have thought he would hang around for the WC in two year’s time.


Yeh I saw that game as well, great stuff. Did you think the last play of the semi was a try? According to the rules if the ball is stripped the attacking team can still play it, in other words it didn’t look like a clear drop forward.


Not too sure of the rules and only seen the highlights once. The Tonga players were very insistent that play shouldve continued tho.


I read that he is looking into moving after the world cup(?)


Orrr Tee Eeeee website says his current deal ends next summer. He’s been offered a two-year deal to see him through the 2019 WC but is rumoured to be looking elsewhere.


Right you are. I had misread the headlines


So had I earlier in the Irish Times. Just looking for more cash you’d suspect. Apparently the French club offering double his wages, hard to turn that down.


Probably thinking of what happened to Paul O’Connell in the 2015 WC and his pension thereafter.


SOmeone else looking for a big pay day

Irfu will need to splash les cash.

Pro sport is great isn’t it.


Sam Burgess in line to win a Rugby World Cup for Ingerland … a couple of years after losing them one …


They’ll be lucky to get within 20 points of Australia.


Georgie Burgess would stand a better chance.
“That was lovely, Shaddin”.


Anyone watch the RL final. Thought it was a very decent game


Well there is a George Burgess (one of Sam’s brothers!) that plays for England as well! Though didn’t make the squad for the WC!


Georgie Burgess…what a film :joy::joy:


Saracens home game against Clermont Auvergne listed for today on their all-weather pitch was postponed… due to the weather.


Acid rain?


Great win for Leinster - some battle. The English teams seem to be taking Brexit very seriously …


Exeter are worthy leaders of the English Premiership, too.
Munster gave Leicester a pounding yesterday also (very sore-losing Leicester coach, also) and Ulster turned Harlequins over today in London, also.

If Sexton, Murray, O’Mahony and Furlong are all fit for the 6N game in Twickenham, Ireland will have a chance.


Nothing to do with the pitch obviously.