Rugby 2018


I think the top half-dozen Aviva Premiership teams have far more resources than most of the Pro14 teams, including player numbers. Exeter, Gloucester, Saracens, Bath, Leicester and Harlequins all seem to play in front of full houses at home. Wasps don’t fill the Ricoh but get healthy attendances.
I see that Northampton (who also fill their ground regularly) have sacked Mallinder as coach.


Jeeze - just for filling their ground regularly?


Ah it’s easy to say that after all the English sides have lost. If results were different, or after another weekend, people would be saying something else.
Top one or two in England or France - you could argue the exact same about the Pro14. Only Leinster and Munster seem to be giving it a proper lash, with Glasgow and Scarlets (top of their respective conferences) doing poorly.

The Irish provinces rotate their squad, which is needed to bring teams on. If they played in the Aviva Prem, they would definitely still do the same against the likes of Quins, L. Irish, Worcester, Saints, Newcastle etc.
Leinster played Treviso before this round of Champions Cup games, rested players. They played Munster the weekend before Round 1, and put out a full strength team.


Okay then if you think everyone prioritizes europe as much as the Irish teams do then enjoy your constant unexpected wins!


After a couple of years of absolute hammerings, I certainly will :grinning:


It’s the unexpected wins that you don’t expect that are the best.


Straight out of the Donald Rumsfeld Book of Logic?


Top 4 in European Cup last year were Clermont Saracens Leinster and Munster. That’s despite all the acrimony and structure change, which let’s be honest was done to help the French and English put a stop to Irish provincial dominance and an extra few shillings for the elite… Bottom line imo is, the desire isn’t there from said French and English club sides. Case and point, look at the Montpelier line up that got absolutely hammered by leinster in the first group game. A who’s who of who of alleged world class talent versus a team of mostly homegrown talent. Even the Toulon experiment is failing (albeit top of a very weak group). Main positive of it will be hopefully a few more wins for Irish provinces, and a move towards an academy focused structure versus a foreign mercenary one.


The restructuring was about getting more money for the French & English, nothing else, and I actually think it’s marginally a better system. Always allowing both Italian teams stink the place out made no sense.


We have a fair smattering of mercenaries on our national team.


We’ve had this discussion before !




Leinster had to really grind that one out. I’d be his biggest critic but Rob Kearney was immense.


They all were. Exeter are hard as nails. That was pure violence.


Sure was - all out war. Healy was a lucky man.


What did Healy do?


Smashed forearm into a guy’s head over a ruck. Bit Dylan Hartley-ish. Also gave away at least three pens.


Retrospective suspension?
I think Jack McGrath is a better player regardless.


Leicester, dirty, cheating b@stards, as ever. Dan Cole is a f@cking dickhead. Delighted they’ve been beaten. Geordan Murphy needs a reality check.


Stander is something else. If only he was Irish …