Rugby 2018




Was it, got distracted by my nieces and missed the replay


Yeah - at first I thought he was needlessly following through with some rough stuff but on replay Larmour didn’t get to ground the ball immediately and in fairness Zebo made a fair attempt to stop him doing so.


It was great, almost like a punt return in the nfl.


Noves sacked as France manager. 7 wins in 21 matches = he can have no complaints. Especially with Laporte in charge (they never got on). Guy who managed italy Recently now in charge.


Not great news for Ireland facing French with new manager in first game …


If you believe the English clubs, all the Irish clubs prioritise the European Cup! Connacht are 4/4 in their Euro comp. Ulster are a strange one for sure. There’s a lot of discontent up there around the team. Defence is a big issue, strange because Kiss was a fairly well renowned defence coach.

R.e Connacht they were starting from scratch really with Keane. Sure Leinster lost their first 4/5 under Schmidt! As I said Connacht have persevered and finally seem to getting the results to go with the style. Honestly they’ll give Leinster a game I reckon. They’re close to the team they were under Lam the year they won it. Carty looks like a new player at 10. I doubt Leinster will be asleep anyway!


Are you suggesting they don’t?


You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear. Noves was supposed to be the saviour but the players just aren’t there for France.


I think they concentrate on the Autumn internationals and not the 6N …


the six nations and world cups are the only time when the Irish team face a string of truly competitive matches in a row. Our record is poor enough in both.


I think Ireland’s record in the 6 Nations over the last 15 years has been decent enough. Performances in the World Cup have been pretty abject, the odd game or two excepted. To have not yet won a quarter-hour is an embarrassment, quite frankly.


I can’t see Brunel being much of an improvement. He’s oldschool like Moves, and Italy played dour stuff under him


Winning 15 minutes is not as easy as it seems …


no. Just saying it’s not exclusive to Ulster.


Easier than winning a quarter-final. (FFS - stoopid spell check)


Fair enough, challenge cup requires a lot less effort then Heino cup surely.

We’ll see how Connacht go, i have my doubts.


Strange one yea, hardly ground breaking appointment is he. Vern Cotter would’ve been interesting.


Can Brunel engineer a recovery … if not I fear he will be shown Laporte …


The problems in France are that rich men have bought in massive foreign players for their clubs to succeed. Thus quality home grown players are thin on the ground. Allied to this is their insistence on trying to bash teams as opposed to going back to playing French rugby, based on skill. Even previous monsters like Betsen and Dusautoir were very skilful. I wonder would a Serge Blanco even get a trial these days? (Even if he gave up the Gitanes!)