Rugby 2018


Massive foreign lads and thin domestic ones. I see the problem now alright.


Laporte is trying to solve the issues, I think the clubs have agreed to limits on foreign players (Eu law?), and to give the international managers more time with the players. Apparently some good young players coming through in the half backs, which they badly need.


1 to 8 will take care of itself. They need to find 9 to 15. Skilful lads as opposed to battering rams. My fear for France is that they may no longer be there! Their rugby culture has been seriously hurt by professionalism and money.


I hear you, never seen them as poor as the last few years, since Laporte was manager really. Not doing much at u20 either, which was the basis for the English revival.


Bad and all as France are we always manage to somehow make a game of it … I’m not saying Brunel will actually make a difference but the oul “ manager first game syndrome “ + Paris will make this one v difficult … losing is a real possibility which actually I don’t think it shud be … really feel we always show the French too much respect in recent years


Tunnel vision? In fairness, Brunel Is embark-ing on a bridge building exercise.


From the outside, it looks like full steam ahead. I just hope it doesn’t go off the rails!


Louis Brunel? Or Louis Stevenson?


Ulster are shocking bad.


And yet Munster are handing victory to them.


Ref giving a big big help though.


Ulster were v poor for 50 mins and definitely the ref swung it in their favour. Munster will be sick. Hanrahan at 10 I thought was v poor, granted he doesn’t get much game time

Leinster Connacht was very good. Connacht didnt have the same swagger I was on about and expected. Conditions had a say in that, and maybe they were still feeling the effects of Stephens Days exploits. They just don’t have the personnel to rotate unfortunately. Leinster really are flying though. They have serious serious depth in that squad. Thought Deegan was v good. You can see why Murphy decided to leave, the back row is saturated with some world class operators. Connacht still nearly nicked it at the end!


Leinster spurned a good few chances, win should have been much more comfortable. Apparently Josh VdF made 31 tackles, missing 0!
Johnny Sexton comes across as the moodiest guy ever. Always seems to be in a sulk


Like O’Gara before him.


Creative types. And both have been in La France, dis pas plus! Au contrairy


decent evening of rugger on the box. Leinster Ulster has started well. Munster should waltz through Connacht later, most of their key players are out.

Forgot to mention the last day James Lowe on the wing for Leinster. Outstanding quality. Ticks all the boxes. Strongest out and out winger I’ve seen at that level in Ireland. Great news also he’s Irish qualified in 2020! Not playing tonight, owing to the rotation policy I’d say (Correction, I’ve just been told, As Gaeilge, that it’s to do with number of foreign players selected instead)

Larmour with the first try. He’s a special talent. Reminds me of James O Connor when he burst on to the scene. There’s talk he won’t make Leinsters European squad, never mind the Irish 6 nations. If the 2 Kearneys start ahead of him and Lowe they’re in trouble I reckon.


Brilliant yea - hopefully by the mid 2020s we wont have any of those pesky paddies playing for ireland.


Sure Jared Payne will have retired by then so it’s all good !


Joe Marler sent off yesterday - a cheap shot to an opponent’s head going into a ruck. What a dickhead. Right in front of the referee and all.


Joe will never learn at this stage. Gobschite.