Rugby 2018


Very similar to Healy’s foul play against Exeter a couple of weeks back.


Think Larmour was 23 for the Exeter games, I’d say he’ll be in the 23 for the other European games either on the wing or bench. R Kearney will start at FB but D Kearney is now a long way away from that team. I’d say Lowe won’t be involved (only 2 out of Fardy, Lowe and Gibson-Park can be in a match day squad).


Only just saw the score line. Wheels have come off for Ulster big time. A lot of those guys (backs in particular) were being touted as Irish internationals at various stages. Mind you mostly by Ulster fans.


I hope you’re right. but it looks like the back 3 of McFadden Nacewa and R Kearney. For me Larmour has to start if they’re to win it.

The Ireland question is for another day maybe. He’ll be in the training squad, but I fear Joe might go for the tried and tested in the Stade De France and stick with Kearney. I’d love to see Larmour pitched in though. It’s a long time since O Driscoll got a hat trick on debut there. No back we’ve had since has close to the x factor Larmour looks like having. France are that bad I think it’s a gamble worth taking


Yeah Joe will almost certainly go with Kearney at full back, with Earls and Stockdale on the wings.

I think we’ll see Kearney, McFadden (who’s playing well in fairness) and Nacewa for Heino Cup with Larmour on the bench. Although Nacewa hasn’t played since Exeter match, not sure if he’s injured or maybe went to NZ over Xmas.


Stockdale will be in the 6N team, I reckon.


In the team or on the bench? Remember the hype about Gilroy.


I was never a fan of Gilroy. Gilroy was trying to fill the void that O’Gara left where there was Sexton and then nobody else within touching distance of challenging Sexton. I really think Stockdale is a talent. I’d also have Sweetnam in ahead of Earls. Maybe Sweetnam needs to shift Earls out of the Munster team first.


Earls is ordinary. Larmour looks the real deal.

To almost borrow a Manhattan Transfer classic, Joe should take a Chanson L’armour …


He does looks a serious attacking threat. Great feet. Will take you a long way in rugger. Looking forward to the six nations now.


I thought Gilroy plays on the wing? You thinking of Jackson?


YES! FFS. mea culpa.
Same desert, though.


Nacewa was in the crowd for the Ulster game and I’m fairly sure the Connacht game as well. Must be a knock. Ringrose looked to have picked up a nasty injury, so Aki and Henshaw will be in the centre unless injured in Europe in between.

Looks like that will be the back 3 alright. Larmour might just have to wait unfortunately. I’d probably take a punt on him as I said. Last thing a fragile France want is the likes of Larmour running at them. Joe rates Kearney for his defence, and there’s allegedly a question over Larmours. I’d dispute that, he only made one error against Munster. O Halloran made a worse one against them the last day.


Don’t think there’s a way Joe selects Sweetnam over Earls. Earls is top try scorer and excellent in defence. Sweetnam has a good bit to go. I’d say Conway is closer to a start as well. Matt Healy flying and Adam Byrne is a Joe favourite. Plenty of competition but how many are world class.


I haven’t seen much of him, other then his tries, but there was an ex-leinster/ireland rugby guy on the radio the other day who said he thinks he might still be a bit raw defensively for joe.


I think Earls’ defence is extremely poor.


That’s the thing. We’re divils for thinking scoring a try or two at pro14 level means someone is ready for international rugby.


That’s what I’m saying, Joe prefers the cautious approach. I think we’ll have enough on the field to compensate for any lapses ir they occur. If furlong is fit and we’re ok post europe, I’d expect our pack to dominate. Larmour is confrontational and aggressive, doesnt shirk contact. Made one slip for a try against Munster and of course the question marks occur. My reading of it was he was just a bit to keen to make the tackle. Had his stance all wrong and slipped on a winters afternoon in Limerick.

But if he gets the ball in hand in the Stade De France he’d give the French enough to worry about trust me.
That’s me out of the Larmour for Ireland conversation! It will happen at some stage, provided he keeps his head.


I wouldn’t go that far. He’s not world class defensively. But Imo he’s the best of what we have left, bar Conway maybe. Assuming Trimble or Bowe aren’t getting recalled! Earls try record probably sees him picked ahead of Conway.


… and that defence of Earls wasn’t much better.