Rugby 2018


Not quite there, but definitely stronger than ehhhh


50/1 with Paddy Power that Ireland win 19-16 … It is going to happen at some stage.


Can’t see that arising …


Go on and back it, be a rebel!


You’ll only see that score at Easter. I wouldn’t mind Crass Eddie so much if he wasn’t Eng coach, he’s just yer typical, oooohhhhh, ‘English’ sports git. He’s a winner though and will relish this chance to stop us doing the slam on their patch. They will never live it down if we pull it off, that’s a big motivation too. Maybe Eddie has lost a bit of interest but the players will know how much this means to save their pride.
Ireland need to really want this 200%, if we do then we should have the extra bit about is in the last 10 minutes, if we’re well in the game on the scoreboard.
JS is the best coach in the world again, I wonder will England or France go after him after the WC. Probably too old.


The Irish women are being taut a lesson anyways. 33-6 with 15 to go.


Caught a bit of it there. Didn’t realise the away team weren’t allowed to tackle in women’s rugby.


Lads if we win this, there won’t be a cow milked in Blackrock or indeed many leafy suburbs for loike yonks or something! Cors will be, totes abandoned in the snow drifts and Manolo Blahnik may have to issue a profit warning! Kielys will run out of Heino and Prosecco will be as scarce as liquid gold! As for the focking code purple worning about loike rain or whatever, we’ll deal with that tomoz! Come on the goys!


Great start


England kicking for the corner? Ridiculous decision.


Stockdale what a fucking player


This is some performance , great to see us as dominant as this .


Just checking in at half time in the hurling, game over it appears?

Can you believe England are still picking robshaw and Haskell. Jaysus.


Ben teo as well, meh!


Eddie Jones, sitting in the snow, must be wondering, where he’s going to go!
Bet he wishes he was back in Ozzie. Great stuff from Ireland, kill it off now!


There won’t be an almond milked in Dublin 4!!


Rugger is the bodhrán beat of the nation! Aroochacha, Aroochacha, aroochacha cha! :grinning:


Super stuff !



Fair play - super stuff goys!