Rugby 2018


Only the third ever grand slam. Congratulations to the team! Impressive given how many new players are involved.


Stockdale is some man for one man :grin:


Eddie Jones apparently said on 5live afterwards that some players played their last game for England today.

Watched some of it so far. Kearney definitely knocked on for Ringrose’s try - great effort from Kearney, however.


Jones has just said he used the 6 nations to ‘experiment’ with a few things and I’ve never heard a more moronic statement. Mourinho-esqe excuses.

Also I believe tv3 have just mentioned Eddie Jones requested that the end-goal area be extended when they were painting the line blue, backfired extremely badly considering Stockdales try would have been out of play with the original lines!


How’s that humble pie going down @Beeko?


Delighted with the win. Joe has got a lot right but he has had huge slices of luck on his side. Kearney at fault for England’s 2nd try - leaving a man outside when Earls was probably going to hold his man up long enough. Ali should have been binned for a shoulder charge. Kearney deffo knocked on for Ringrose’s try. Still think Ireland are not winning games by as much as their dominance suggests.
Leinster academy producing real young talent. Dan Leavy really shining. Furlong is a beast. Ryan in the 2nd row is brilliant. Carbery becoming a real strong back-up to Sexton. Murray’s brave decision making before half-time reaped huge rewards.
Whatever good luck I feel Schmidt has, he certainly deserves it for his conduct compared to the likes of Garland and, more especially, Jones.


Even if Stockdale hadn’t got there we’d of had a serious claim for a penalty try


Thought Kearney had a good championship.


So proud, so proud…

Great win though in fairness, tore into them.


He is great under a high ball, in fairness, whether in defence or attack.


Look what happens when your fullback isn’t solid = our first try. Watson made an awful balls of that.


If France had a half competent goal kicker they would have beaten us and wales.


Watson is more a winger. Mike Brown would have dealt with that kick a bit better.


If they’d left Mechenaud on the field a bit longer… Parra was a big loss to them.

Based on taking chances, France should have beaten Ireland. Based on possession and dominance, Ireland should have beaten France comfortably.

Sexton’s drop-goal can now be seen in far greater context.

Disregarding games in Rome, Ireland was the only team to win away in this championship.


Did Sexton not miss a few kicks in Paris he’d normally nail?


Fair point, his accuracy was off his usual standard. Mind you Farrell had a mare today albeit in difficult conditions. But that french miss v us and today were gimmies.


Congrats to team

Schmidt did a jim gavin this year - built the collective - strengthened squad while winning despite suffering injuries - had experienced leaders like Sexton and Murray to work with younger lads

It’s a formula in leadership and management - gavin and Schmitt are very similar


You won’t be winning any of those for speaking of what aboutery after Ireland has won only our 3rd ever Grand Slam and done it in a year when away to Eng and France, and 3 Champ wins in 5 years which have seen the retirement and decline of several of arguably our greatest ever players.

Incredible achievement by JS and the squad.


Fair focks to him . Twas a great try . Have to say it was a great afternoon . I had issues with Rugby in the past but that performance today made up for years of disappointment with the soccer team . Bandwagon , whatever you wanna call it . Today was an uplifting day in Irish sport , and more to come I hope .
Any day we beat the English in their own back yard is a great day for me , and to win the Slam , fooking brilliant :blush:


Karma’s a bitch Eddie