Rugby 2018


My da was a very proud (and stubborn) Gael, and rarely watched the foreign games that RTE often showed. He made the odd exception though. When Ireland played England in Rugby or soccer. He became a fervent Irish fan, vocal and expletive ridden in front of his children while we watched on the TV. He would have f*****g loved that shit today. He would have celebrated like he was a member of the 'Tarf and rambled on about Maggie Thatcher’s boys taking one hell of a beating etc!

As a result, I have been slightly brain washed in regard to how I feel when we face the crown’s pride. I loved every second of that today. Not in a Sept 18 2011 sort of way, but in a that’s what you get for 850 years of oppression, ya bast**ds kind of way. I’ve said it before, if we played tiddlywinks against them, I’d don the green, drink a pint of stout and roar at the top of my voice “Revenge for Skibbereen”!!!

Well done Joe Schmidt. The prickly comment of scummy Irish may well have been hung on the players wall, or in Bundy Aki’s bedroom :slight_smile: but for me, the look of disgust on the faces of the chariot drivers? That’s the Carlsberg moment at the final whistle! Nice one!


I don’t understand the Final table? How did we get to 26 points with just 3 bonus points? :thinking:

Seems loads of sites have it wrong incl 6 Nations own site!

Edit: I see someone aaying you get 3 extra points for doing the grand slam?!?!?! Wtf is the point of that??


Get an extra 3 points if you win the Grandslam


To make sure you win the title - with bonus points you could win all games and still lose the championship without the bonus point!!! (i.e. other loses 1 match but gets BP in all their games!!)


Aha!!! Probably unlikely but makes sense.


I don’t understand this excitement about winning this yoke. We finished top of a group of six countries, 3 of which are the same country. Surely we should be doing this every 4 or 5 years…


Here ya go @Rochey


Fair play - that’s quite funny. Good sense of humour, Haskell - and perspective.


What the empire didn’t achieve, Eddie Jones is determined to.


Dan Leavy deserves special praise this season. For a rookie he has been an absolute animal in every single game. 9-10 are pivotal to us but him at 7 was awesome. Stockdale a revelation - Ringrose a future superstar. Many not mad about residency rule but CJ is magnificent and Aki (another rookie) had some season. Hats off too to Kearney and Earls - still a little dodgy defensively - but more than paid their way. Healy too cane good and Furlong is world class. Delighted for Rory Best too - genuine man and some engine at 35. Ryan was amazing all season and Peter O’Mahony is a true Munster warrior. Once again Joe got the call right in picking Henderson - Dev a great contribution too though. The bench excellent too - Carberry someone to really look forward to. Last word for Johnny S and Conor Murray - best in the world.


Great post @Rochey , couldn’t have said it any better . I never watched rugby with my dearly departed old man , but I thoroughly enjoyed that today . I put aside the bullshit of foreign games for an afternoon & get behind our national team . Patriotism , patriotic for the day that’s in it. And that was bloody satisfyingly today . The last time I felt that good was '09 against Wales . ■■■■ , we’ve been blessed in our lifetimes with stuff like this, equally blessed we are Dubs too to have enjoyed such momentus moments. When I reach the pearly gates I’ll have no complaints from a sporting point of view . Bloody spoilt we are , and let’s be spoilt evermore !


In 2002 France did the Grandslam, but would have lost the Championship to England if bonus points were used (hence the 3 extra points for doing the grandslam). I think that year is the reason why it took so long for the bonus points to come in.


It’s only our fourth most played team sport. Up til 2009 we had done won it once, and that was just with 5 teams in it. It is the national sport in Wales, though in fairness their level of success is still pretty phenomenal, as it is of course in NZ.

In statistical terms we are now level with Scotland in terms of both championships and Slams won. Scotland only has one more popular sport than rugger, and they have roughly the same pop.


Here’s the 6N stats since it’s inaugural year in 2000:

Eng: Ire: Fra: Wal: Sco:
W-66 63 59 52 27
L-28 29 34 40 66
D-1 3 2 3 2
Tot Points-150 153 135 122 71
Scores for-2598 2366 2299 2205 1601
Scores ag-1500 1695 1718 1979 2241
Diffce= +1098 +671 +581 +226 -640

**The spacing does not come out like I had done it before posting.

Grand Slam: Fra-3/Wal-3/Eng-2/Ire-2/Sco-0
Champions: Eng-7/Fra-5/Ire-4/Wal-4/Sco-0
Runners up: Eng-6/Fra-3/Ire-7/Wal-2/Sco-0

As we can see from this, class, the standout feature for Ireland is consistency, for Wales it’s winning Slams despite lack of consistency, and for Scotland it’s not even having been runners up once in the 19 years of the 6N existence.
England have been more consistent than France.

In the all-time championship history Ireland are now only level with Scotland in terms of both championship and Grand Slam wins. Wales are well ahead of both, and France just ahead of Wales, England having won the most but not by much.

And finally, Ireland have the top total 6N points! :sunglasses:


4th most? Thought basket ball gave it a run for its money in the last ersi report?


That doesn’t surprise me. More competition from other nations in basketball than in rugger though.


But only 4 nations play in it, and sub divisions of another one!


Kearney’s “knock-on” for the try wasn’t a knock-on, it goes from his wrist onto the English players shoulder, then forward.


Watson’s body was in front of Kearney. Knock on all day. The only thing queried about Kearney by the TMO was if he made any illegal contact with Watson - the referee and TMO both correctly agreed that Kearney legally contested the ball.


Great points, @DUB09. Leavy has been a real find.

One other slice of humble pie for me… Schmidt allowed Donncha Ryan go to France (by not giving him a central contract). The performances of James Ryan, Toner and Henderson have vindicated this decision. Toner should have the legs to hang around long enough for the WC. If not, Dillane and Quinn Roux have shown decent quality.