Rugby 2018




Knock on all day but we got the rub of the green on SPD. Nothing wrong with Stockdale’s though



Gatland is such a bitter prick


Is he wrong? You need a bit of luck to win 5 games on the trot.


Christ you could say that about everyone that wins anything.

Ireland made their own luck Gatland is insinuating the opposite IMO. I.E We had the luck handed to us


Did Kyle Griffin tweet on this?


I wont lie, i only read the headline. :sweat_smile:


Why a knock on?


Didn’t gatland have a bad breakup with Ireland when he was manager ?


That’s right. He found the IRFU procedures and politics to be a real warren.


Because he clear as day knocked it forward with his hand. It couldn’t be clearer. We got lucky - simple as.


Yep - he didn’t even get half the house …


He was like a rabbit in headlights managing us!


Stockdale’s try perfectly ok. Being tackled without the ball before touching down could have led to a penalty try and a yellow card. Delighted that he actually got to score another try.


He certainly wasn’t a happy bunny


You must have some insight, I’m all ears!


This is dodgy as ■■■■. Spain had to beat Belgium to qualify for the World Cup (go into our pool as it happens) otherwise Romania would. The Spain Belgium game was officiated by a Referee and Touch Judges from Romania…


Ehhhhh … oh dear


Aw hare? More bleedin’ puns? Really Bugs some people.