Rugby 2018


This Irish rugby team could go on to dominate for awhile? A lot of young players broke through this year, some of them ridiculously young. My only worry, is that a few of our tries where intercepts, lucky breaks? But that’s a minor thing.

Also what the hell has happened to England? Went backwards dramatically, hard to believe they’re still selecting the likes of ribshaw/Haskell. Journeymen at best.


Jaysus I thought Robshaw and Haskell were two of their more honest grafters! Would you not blame their asshole of a manager to some degree?



Spain must be making good progress? I assume most of their players are from Catalan and Basque regions?
Both European Club finals are in Bilbao this year, by the way.


They’re honest as the day is long but they’re average as hell.


I thought rugby was u20 - not minor?


I’d have no problem with that :blush:



Some class play for the 2nd try - Itoje lucky not to see yellow off lineout - great take and offload by CJ then Furlong’s pass, Aki break and CJ finish.

But Bundee was superb with the last pass. It was a pass to Ringrose all day but his reverse to Stander was the try scorer.

Incidentally pass from Brown for 2nd try was forward so cancels out Rob knock on …


But it wasn’t a knock-on.


Dublin won the All-I in 2011 in no small way due to two brilliant intercepts by MDMA. Kerry and the National Begrudgers’ Assoc all put it down to “Kerry mistakes”. Yet it was clearly brilliant work by Michael, who went on to repeat the skill many times over the years.
So in other words, credit to Ireland/the players who pick the intercepts and score/set up scores from them.

England were always flakey and lacking leaders, I said it multiple times here when everyone said they’re going to take over and dominate for years, and then put all the blame on Lancaster. What say yis now lads, more goal-post moving revisionism? England had some success because Eddie Jones is very good. Once Eddie lost interest England have been exposed for what they are, limited. I expect Eddie to go before the WC.


I know you sometimes need a break to turn a tight match, or a bit of one off genius. But if you are scoring quite a few times off these events, and often winning narrowly it’s a slight worry. What happens if the breaks stop coming your way. Anyways now is not the time - just enjoy a brilliant championship win.

Right enough you always questioned England. You were quiet enough that last two years. :laughing:

So let me get this straight, England won the last two championships because Eddie Jones is so good, but he has lost interest, leading to their collapse? Seriously?

Heard some ex Irish coaches & players on the radio offer a more likely reason, that in the six nations after a lions tour England always suffer, because their players don’t get a proper break when they get back from the tour. Seems a more reasonable/logical explanation. Three championships on the trot is rare i’d Imagine. The question is can Eddie turn it around again. Given their U20s record over the last 10 years they must have some options.


True enough. The truth as ever is somewhere between all the opinions and due to all the many factors. England just not as good as some believed, and there’s not many brilliant coaches around, they’ve got one, we have a better one, Gatland and probably Hansen are the other two probably the best 4 of the recent/current era. No doubt others will emerge very soon as those 4 are all getting on, especially Joe


I’ll have to watch that again. Maybe the law has changed back again in the last year or so but there was an instruction given by the IRB a few years back stating that even if the ball travels forward, so long as the players hands were making the movement of throwing the ball backwards. It’s like trying to throw something out of the window of the window of your car back against the direction your care is moving - it will inevitably end up further on in the direction you are travelling than the point from where you threw it.


Have often been critical of
Ireland as felt they cracked over the years at times and largely did not achieve as much as there talent warranted

Impressed on sat with how we controllled that game even to point of scoreline flattering England .

The worries I have about not executing procession to scores and out wide defence still are there but it mite well be this game that proves their catalyst to be more stronger mentally under pressure

Schmidt doing unbelievably job is seamlessly integrating young lads into squad …

Just hope this form is maintained for another 18 months which will not be easy … only gotta look at England to see that


Yet again another absurd rule in an absurd sport. The forward pass means the ball going forward. Whether the hands weren’t going forward is a ludicrous criteria for the rule. This is the same sport that rules the ball ‘out’ for a players body touching the bloody line. Can anyone think of another sport the world over where that’s the case? American bloody football probably.
And you can score a try by touching the ball on the giant pads that surround the base of the posts, seriously? Absolute nonsense stuff. End the game by kicking the ball out, completely wrong.

And just one more thing girls…

Watson’s body not in front of Kearney. Contact with ball is between both of their hands, so entirely unclear who the contact can be attributed to, though Watson’s hand a little higher/more prominent. And…at that point it doesn’t go forward. Then it hits off Watson’s shoulder and goes forward from that.

Yis need to pay more attention to detail.



And no one mentioning Kearney playing Watsons hand preventing him from catching the ball :zipper_mouth_face:


There was a better camera angle than that, Al… Maybe you need to look for more details! :wink:


The referee was happy that Kearney’s efforts were in trying to play the ball were legal. Contact in the air is permitted in some circumstances.


Absolutely. Robshaw seems like quite a likeable guy, and Haskell seems like a nice guy. With the exception of Wilkinson I’ve probably hated every English player and that’s part of the reason Robshaw doesn’t fit.