Rugby 2018


How could you not like Austin Healey???


Strange things to get worked up about. They’re rules and they have to be defined clearly, which they’ve done. Rugby chose the player counts as out, GAA chose the ball. Makes sens in rugby as a player is nearly always holding the ball when in play. Also makes the touch judge’s job much easier and less open to interpretation. A try is scored by touching the ball on the line. The giant pads block the line so they’re counted as a try.

You know in football you can punch the ball in into the goal, you can handpass over the bar, but you can’t handpass into the goal. Crazy!!!


If you’re Joe Sheridan, you can fall over the goal line with the ball in hand for a goal.


Rob Kearney knocked the call on. You can see it clearly unless you are wearing those green tinted specs.

Brown’s pass was out the back so wouldn’t be covered by any of them dumb rules. It was just forward.


Yeah, I get you now.


You must not have seen video of games in the 70s and 80s…

As for the rugger stuff, nothing will convince me that those aren’t mad rules that do not help the game.


Kearney at the very least did not clearly knock it on. And if you slow-mo (pause-play-pause) the replay in the clip above, you will see that in fact it looks alot less like a knock-on.


It may look a lot less than a knock on but is one. There is one clear angle that shows him knocking it forward.


Jesus you’ll twist anything. My point was it’s about 70-30 not a knock on, and 50-50 at the absolute worst. This is in response to posts by you and others saying it’s “clearly a knock-on”, or “a knock-on all day”, (which must be the longest bloody knock-on in history).


Ok …


There you go again…


You would never see the GAA doing this. But wait…!!!


There would be a 15 days and 45 minutes delay at the end while three or four people on here argued about the rule-book. In a thread about another game.


As you said, it’s an absurd game where players kick the ball out of play to finish the game. At least the GAA has the sense to do away with this rule


I’d say that knock-on cost Kearney a nomination…

I think Stockdale has to get the award. The stand-out moment was Sexton’s drop goal and although Sexton had a very good tournament, I think Stockdale’s exploits will see him get the nod.


Earls?? Fair play he had a good enough tournament but wasn’t even in the top 10 Irish players imo. His defence is still suspect - even last Saturday. Leavy should’ve been shortlisted, Stander was awesome, Furlong, Ringrose, Ryan - all were brilliant.


No point in trying then I guess. :grinning:
I think otherwise. And the rule-makers must do too.





That’s outrageous!

Very offensive to good UK citizens like myself.