Rugby 2018


Rory Best and Rob Kearney have signed contract extensions until November 2019 :clap:


Yeah I saw Shane Ross congratulating Dave …


He should be called Trigger Ross from here on… “Well done, Dave”.


Haven’t been on Res Dubs for a few days, so trying to make my way through all the threads so apologies if this has been mentioned. Thought this was the most appropriate place to post. On numerous different programmes on RTE radio and TV3 commentary I heard how amazing and selfless Joe Schmidt was for not going on the pitch and celebrating the Grand Slam and that he just let the players do all the celebrating etc. Was Jim Gavin not blasted by numerous members of the media (wooly and kimmage and I think on Game on of the top of my head :roll_eyes: ) back in September. Potentially another thing to add to the ever-growing anti Dublin agenda in the media. On a side note, I think there’s huge similarities between Schmidt and Gavin, and delighted to be a supporter of both their teams.


You forgot the other clause of the rule, if you are from Meath you can “carry” the ball over the line for a goal :rofl::rofl::rofl:


But I didn’t!


And not only that - if you’re playing against Louth, you can carry the ball over the line into the goal.


Spotted a rugby ball in the park today. The grand slam effect?


Sorry. That was a savage try, against the run of play. Be fair!


The rugby boys are still scared of losing lads to GAA, my lad hurls, plays football and played JCT rugby this year, it has done him no harm, the S & C they did was excellent and his pace has come on, I’d say they are complimentary to each other. He is a GAA man 1st though😉.


I see a certain bitter ■■■■ whinging about the Grandslam/Irish Rugby. Christ he is one miserable fucker. If begrudgery was an Olympic Sport he’d be a multiple gold medal winner


HAs spewan actually called us true legends here - I think he has .


Anyone else see the irony in Spewan saying “Context, not content, is king”? I mean even earlier in the article he takes minutes played out of context by not accounting for injuries


I reckon it’s a veiled reference to what Micko said about us a few weeks back, you can be guaranteed that we’re not getting praise…


He has had a go at irish rugby before. Katie Taylor is another favorite target of his - basically he is trying to make a living out of belittling people’s achievements. sad way to live but there you go.


And we keep posting his sh1t here … unbelievable …


indeedy! keep feeding the troll.


It seem to be a common thread with the way our 3rd level institutions churn out “Journalism” students these days.
Every one thinks that they are an investigative reporter with a deep level mission to expose the rotting core of whatever subject they are dealing with. This might work when dealing with government spin merchants, but it is painful to see the simpler things in life being analysed to death by these net contributors of zero.

For example on Morning Ireland this week they had a reporter on the scene of the fire in Ballymun interviewing the person who first raised the alarm, and yer man asks him what the scene was like and was the evacuation “cahos”, no says yer man, it was quite orderly, you could almost hear the reporters dreams being crushed.
I know its off the point, but it is typical of the jaundiced view all of these graduate journos have nowadays, and is no wonder that sports reporting/comment is fast becoming something to avoid when the negativity is ingrained in the media psyche


You called ?


I see the lads were cleared. All sordid enough regardless.