Rugby 2018


I think there should be a coloured warning system for news stories. :wink:


More racism?


Racism against football!!!


Great try from Conway for Munster. Can they hold on


Worthy to win any match. Well done Munster.


Add to that the quick thinking Murray for the try in the first half - shows the benefit of knowing the playing rules!!!


Would be smashing to see an All Irish final in Bilbao :crossed_fingers:


Yup … it’d be nice to Basque in the glory of that.



I was expecting a great move from one end of the pitch to the other. So he ran through some shite defense at pace, hardly “one of the all-time great tries”, but we know well anything Munster do will always be all-time great, the pure golden fleece of Irish rugger, they should just call them KOTF and be done with it.




Thought the same myself tbh . I’ve seen better .


Agree not the greatest try ever but never let reality get in way of the untold story of Irish rugby … to be fair it was worth it just to see the look on Ashton’s face at de end


Our Nige has been making calls this last three years that would have seen mere mortal refs pilloried.

It’s not about you, Nigel …


Oh yes it is!


I thought he was excellent yesterday and got all the calls right with the help of the TMO

Great game and the try was excellent especially in the context of it as Munster had just been held up on the line moments before and then after that they’d a few phases but lost possession and the Toulon player never found touch from his kick and Conway punished them.


Just watched the Leinster v Saracens game back. Saracens are a horrible, cynical shower. Wigglesworth didn’t even get a yellow where a red card, it could be argued, was deserved. Clearly targeted Sexton. I hope Mark McCall never gets near the Irish coaching job. If Glasgow Rangers, Linfield or even Shamrock Rovers had a rugby team, I’d shout for them in a game against Saracens.

Dan Leavy is putting an early claim in for the IRB player of the year.

Craig Doyle, interviewing Brian O’Driscoll, in the Aviva Stadium after a Leinster Champions’ Cup fixture… I’m sure he had a good tug on himself afterwards.


Saw this stat for James Ryan … awesome:
17 carries
28 metres run
1 defender beaten
1 try assist

Came across a couple of decent tweets from Brad Barritt & Schalk Brits


What did them says?