Rugby 2018


Very sporting to be fair.


All Saffers.


… but Barrett played for England, so he must be English right? That’s how it works … right?


Shine on you crazy diamond …




As English as Quinn Roux and CJ Stander are Irish.


Exactly. The Irish media call CJ “South African born” :joy:


Burger is Namibian :slight_smile:


irish rugby history is littered with imports, easily 30+ since the 80’s at international level


What about soccer???


Same desert. :slight_smile:


The groundball lads never quite got to the Rodney Ah You level though


Tony Cascarino .,…


It’s not like he helped the cause is it


Tony Cappuccino it turned out did actually qualify to play for Ireland even though his mother was adopted. It’s not like he had to line out in a club hurling match first do he could make his debut…


Was wondering how long it would be before the English clubs threw their toys out of the pram


The English … they just don’t like Europe in any shape or form …


14 teams with no relegation? So you’re fcuked forever if you are in 15th place? Mad,


yea, i don’t understand it, London Irish could get locked out indefinitely - what is the plus side of it? that all the team outside those chasing the title can rotate players more or have dead rubbers from november onwards?


funny enough, there was a very interesting article by neil francis last week sometime about premier rugby, the RFU and the Champions cup - how the RFU wanted the 6 nastions played over 5 weeks and the guy who wanted that is now in charge of the premiership rugby. How they walloped the pro 14 for now having relegation as a reason to increase english clubs in the chasmpions cup, and now they are getting rid of relegation.

most interesting of all was the fact how the english premiership clubs are all runnign at a loss, even with tv money and a grant from the RFU. the whole thing over there is nuts.