Rugby 2018


I think 2 are making a small profit actually - Exeter and maybe Leicester. But most are making losses, some of them huge losses. Saracens are making the biggest losses, despite winning European cups and Premierships. I don’t see how that’s a sustainable model.

Edit. Actually only Exeter made a profit last year


The French model probably isn’t either only for the rich club owners


Are the provinces profit making? Would they be without the central contracts? I think munster had to be bailed out to the tune of 2 million recently?


They can’t be, but really the provinces and the IRFU are the same thing. It’s s bit like the GAA model really, the 6 nations/ internationals money goes back into the game as there is only one owner in the union itself.


There’s no doubt it works well for us, wouldn’t work for them though, they floated the regional teams idea and it went down like a lead balloon. . France is a mess.


Their rugby is not great either.


I like that, sounds like they are getting ready to face the Southern Hemisphere teams.





Taken them long enough


Saracens’ South African investors pulling out, probably sick of losing cash, year after year - writing off loans of £25m owed to them in the process. I can see this turning sour for Saracens, with a bit of luck.


The likeness is uncanny.


Sarry seems to be the hardest word …


Jackson and Olding ‘to leave Ulster’.


No way. Bank of Ireland had words?


And others I imagine.


#Breaking Ulster Rugby players Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding, who were acquitted of rape following a trial last month, are to leave the club, the Press Association understands.

— Press Association (@PA) April 13, 2018


Strange one. Surely if acquitted ( you can argue the toss over that) then they’re innocent in the eyes of the law? Whole thing was pretty sordid tho.


Messages could be construed as bringing the game/club (Province) into disrepute depending on their contracts. Alan Quinlan touched on this the other week and reckoned they’d be getting the boot if anything like that was in their contracts


Who’s to judge how people choose to deal with it but I imagine the rugger fraternity more than most are very adept at closing doors and shunning you. Not necessarily out of high moral standards, rather it’s their way of punishing anyone who “lets the side down, as it were.” Association…


You’re not supposed to let the mask slip in public.