Rugby 2018


Bit of a catch 22? If he moves abroad he likely won’t play for Ireland - no good with WC next year. Ulster … I wouldn’t. Munster? He’d be a lot more exposed than at Leinster. Connacht? Mebbe …


Ulster will be putting the pressure on the IRFU to get him no doubt but he’d start for Munster if he went there as Keatley isn’t great and was poor today.
I remember seeing Keatley with Belvo and he was average enough and still is now and that’s being polite.


But Sexton is no spring chicken, it’d Be a kick in the nuts to have to pass carberry on and then have Sexton retire.


Toulon owner had talked about it when they were winning Euro Cups. The seasons run at different times though so it would be difficult to play it at a time that suits both.
Stander has long been found out by Leinster, and now other teams are doing it it too. He’s a one trick pony really. Schmidt still seems to prefer him to Jack Conan though, but I’d say we’ll have Max Deegan there in a couple of years.


They mightn’t have much choice if Joe and the IRFU want him to be playing regularly


Carberry could always go on a one or two year central contract to one of the other provinces, you’d imagine?
Munster’s lineout was dreadful. They would have liked to have Sean Cronin yesterday. He left Munster as he was playing second fiddle to Jerry Flannery and needed 1st team rugby. I wouldn’t say he’d go back to Munster now, not for all the tea in China.


According to the Sunday Times Leinster have been told that they have to let one of their out-halves (Byrne or Carbery) go to Ulster this summer. Which basically means Carbery, as Leinster need Byrne for when Sexton is on Ireland duty (Carbery would be on Ireland Duty at the same time).

It makes sense from an Irish point of view for Carbery to go to Ulster, but from a Leinster point of view I would be looking for guarantees that once Sexton retires Carbery is sent back to Leinster.


He was poor yesterday. In fairness, though, I thought he had a decent 6 Nations after a slow start, he got better in each game. He’s not helped by having a very poor openside beside him. Munster, over the years, have produced David Wallace, David Corkery, Denis Leamy and a few other decent 7’s. Leinster currently have three very good (or better) No 7’s on their books, all miles better than anything Munster have right now, especially with Tommy O’Donnell out injured.
I presume Tyler Bleyendaal was injured?


Ulster would be a terrible move for Carberry. They are in freefall at the moment and not just because of off the field issues. Granted he needs game time ahead of the WC but Ulster isn’t ideal IMO


Yep - Chris Chloete was a huge loss at 7.

When you look at the Leinster replacements v the Munster ones there is a huge gap in quality.


Forgot about him. A genuine out-and-out 7.


Not necessarily. Leinster also have Cathal Marsh who’s been injured for most of the year as well as Ross Byrne’s younger brother (can’t remember his 1st name) and Ciaran Frawley who inspired the A side into the final of the B&I cup. If it can to a choice by Leinster, it’s Joey they should hold onto and with Sexton’s injury record, he might get a lot of time.


Hopefully. Carbery is the future for Leinster. It’s not inconceivable that Sexton could retire after the World Cup (considering his age and injury profile) and you would want Carbery imbedded in the Leinster way and ready to go if that was to happen.


Who is in the running for the Ulster job?


I’d say walking …




Can’t see JS wanting to go anywhere near the England job. Nor can I see the RFU wanting Gatland, either. Joe will surely take over the All-Blacks role. Warren Gatland? Who cares?
For what it’s worth, I think Mr Bloodgate, Dean Richards, will get the England job. In fairness to him, he is doing a brilliant job at Newcastle.


Gatland might well go to England, it would suit him in some ways. Can’t see JS wanting it, I also think it’s too late for him to get the NZ gig, I think he might be too old-school for that job now. If they have a big crisis and a bad WC maybe.
Jones has been gone since the end of this year’s 6N, he peaked with them last year and I’d say he’s had enough. Though pride will see him want to go out on a high with the autumn internationals.

The big imponderable is will Gats be offered the NZ job? I think he’s too old and too old-school but it depends how the WC goes, at some stage NZ will have a crisis and a freefall in the next few years, and then they might look to a safe pair of hands.


Machenaud out of the Champions’ Cup Final - a massive loss to Racing.


Shame that … from a Leinster point of view of course :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: