Rugby 2018


yeah all the talk is a 2 year deal. Great signing for Munster. Hard to see him ever going back to Leinster imo. Interesting now to see where Munster deposit their 4 fly halfs. Keatley to Ulster/Connacht. JJ to remain as back up. Bill Johnston? Talk that Bleyendaal is done altogether.


If he wants to win things he’ll be going back, no?


Tadgh Beirne and Carberry will improve Munster a lot.
I see Rory Best is out of the Australia tour. I think it’s the one position that Ireland could really do with some fresh blood.


A bit like ourselves in Dublin, Leinster won’t be winning forever. Munster have some serious quality there now, with some top quality coaches and set up. They’ll be closer for sure as the years go on. Not that Van Graan has been pulling up trees yet, but a danger would be him pulling a Rassie on it and taking a job back in SA. But with their clubs aligning themselves closer to NH rugby, he may stick around. Long story short, Munster need stability as well as quality. They’re certainly adding the latter.


We should call them Leinster B


Split Leinster in two. In a professional sporting environment, it would make sense. Dublin and the rest of Leinster or North & South Leinster.


So, I had a word with Joe and he’s agreed it is time to blood some new players…


Not sure about these Munster lads …


I wonder will his nickname in Munster be Carbs?


Apparently Conor Murray is calling him ROG! :sunglasses:


I don’t know if I’d go as far as saying they have serious quality, but Beirne and Carbery will certainly boost their squad. They’ll have less Munster homegrowns in their first XV than imports though.


EXcellent. I can slag the rugby lads down here for being a pack of mercenaries:


Best fans in the world though …


If by best you mean windiest, then they are indeed.


With heaps of pashin though.
There’ll probably be about 5 or 6 Munster men in their starting XV it seems - Kilcoyne, John Ryan, POM, Murray and Earls.
Scannell brothers are debatable. Niall seems plagued with injury, Rory is up against Taute and Arnold.


Munster (and probably Ulster, too) badly need to get their academy up to some sort of level comparable with Leinster’s.


some nice video doing the rounds of social media of one of the Irish lads* riding his misses over the balcony of a hotel facing onto a main street.



All the mercenary lunster fans have left them and they cant fill out thomand.


Is it Jackson?

Sorry too soon !!


He misses his missus?