Rugby 2018


They even returned tickets for the semi-final against Leinster last month


When I first moved down here (when Munster were in their pomp) it was Munster this, Munster that, flags and jerseys everywhere. even people who aren’t into the sport would be going on and on about them. Now no one really cares except for the sport-mad lads, or the lads who just use a match as an excuse to go on the piss for the afternoon. hardly any jerseys around anymore, occasional flag.


Watched the program last night on Anthony Foley, brilliant stuff.


same shit i when i moved to galway around 2005 or so , lads would be driving to limerick to go to the pubs to watch the games for the craic - these lads would occasionally dark the door of the sports grounds


It’s not, but I did see this photoshop which I thought was genius!


Paddy Jackson has signed a two-year deal with Perpignan.


Rugger lads lost to oz. surprisingly? Thought oz were struggling these days?

U20s lost to Georgia the other day, potentially going to be relegated from the competition our record is so poor the last two years - good thing our senior team is so young.


In fairness to Joe, he did mix his team up a little. I really think he should have left Sexton at home, given him a longer break.
Australia’s win, coupled with England’s loss to South Africa, sees them overtake England at No 3 in the IRB rankings.


England are a mess at the moment, you’d imagine that abrasive wee bollix would have a short shelf life.


I reckon Dean Richards will be the next England head coach. He has done a great job at Newcastle. If England lose their remaining two tests in South Africa, I reckon Jones could walk or be told to walk.


What’s he done with Newcastle?


Gotten them promoted.
Made the play offs this year.
Far less resources than Saracens, Bath, Leicester, Wasps, etc.
It will either be him or Rob Baxter.


Play offs, that’s impressive


Baxter? Exeter?


Yes, Exeter.


He’s done some job alright


They play nice rugball, alright.
I don’t like Dean Richards but he has done a great job at Newcastle. If the RFU were willing to give the job to the poison dwarf, I think they would consider Richards too.


Wasn’t he the coach of Harlequins at the time of “bloodgate” ?Not sure the chaps in the blazers would approve.


yea, that’s him, i’d have thought baxter was a preferable candidate - whether he’d take it is another question.


I think the chaps in the blazers might be getting desperate at this stage.