Rugby 2018


Would be mad to change now.


Jones might walk if the media grates him too much.


Not on the money he’s on … chance of the sack and a pay-off … he’s not gonna walk anywhere …


Fair point.


Even though the wheels seem to have come off?


Leinster looking to replace the gap left by Isa … If he contributes half as much as Isa did, Joe Tomane will be a huge success


He could become Tomane man …


Hammered by Scotland in U20 WC … now facing an 11/12th place play- off v Japan or Georgia … what the actual f*ck loike as Ross might say …


Would that be the same team so many were convinced would inevitably go on to dominate once they got rid of Lancaster?



Well they did win two six nations titles on the trot? Handy enough. We call rugby our national sport when we win one in a row.

Looks like Sexton is not a fan of trying things out beeko


There’s no escaping that the U20s this year are poor.


Indeed and they did. That was the two years with Ireland in transition, Wales in decline, and France as bad as they’ve been in 40 years. They still lost the Slam against us, and have not had to play the ABs in two years, luckily for them… We won a Slam the year after they had won two championships, and with Feance and Eng away.


Yet we should have beaten the hosts in the opener … who beat New Zealand yesterday … and who are now in the final v England … with quintessential Frenchman Daniel Brennan.


Traditionally England are always pants after a Lions tour.


Not to worry…we’ll get a head start on getting the sub U20’s over from SA and NZ and convert them into national hero’s…


Very hard to understand the French accent sometimes.


France should beat nz all the time


France should be split.

Some game that between the Boks and the chariots


Good win in Oz - hearing they were filthy


Not filthy…conceded a lot of penalties mainly for offside, deliberate knock ins etc