Scientific Breakthroughs and Environmental Matters

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Black holes are invisible but the accretion discs very hot and bright so I guess that’s what they have. Also accretion discs should be a sphere and so should shroud it from any direct observation (which you can’t do because of the event horizon)


Change your name to dubinspace

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So all you will see is the absence of matter, yes?


Like Mayo’s Trophy cabinet before the league…


Blackholes I though yiz where talking about the hse or Cork gaa

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Has to be a super massive one . Like the muse song …


Here’s a link to the first black hole (of GAA funds) in Ireland:

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That’s a serious blackhole. So dense not even shite can escape.


Big like our Pug, but, unfortunately the shite does escape…

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Lads, ye are making shite of the scientific breakthroughs thread!:rofl:

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All the time. He has defied the laws off sceince with his two black holes one on his face and the other on his backside

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Would you stop, we all know the Moon landing was the Nevada desert. Lost all faith in these when they said Pluto was no longer a planet…

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…a decision made by a Mickey Mouse physicist.


… cause he was caught banging Minnie…

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Yer all talking out of Uranus.


Call me a nerd, but I find that absolutely mind bogglingly fascinating!

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Black holes aren’t totally black they emit radiation due to quantum effects so maybe they’ve found a region if radiation literally in the middle of nowhere which can only be a black hole.

There are supermassive black holes, there is one at the centre of the galaxy and they’ve plotted where it is by the orbits of stars going round it. They were hoping one was going to fall into it a few years ago but it hasn’t hapened. That could be it too, now that I think of it.


If super black holes have the same properties as black holes, then gravity will be too strong to let anything out, including light. Therefore we can never ‘see’ a black hole. We can just see an empty circle.