Scottish Football


The Rangers manager is already being lined up for a new role - leading the Brexit negotiations! He got Rangers out of Europe in 90 minutes!


Maybe they just wanted the 12th off work?


Even UCD have knocked teams from Luxembourg out of Europe :grin:


UCD is bigger than Luxembourg!



I wonder if Joxer is going to Pairc Ni Bhinsor tomorrow evening?


I prefer to use the original name. Pairc Saxe Coburg Gotha.


Would love to be, but working today and with the ticket situation I decided not to bother heading up to it. Will wrap up work in time to get settled in the club for it.


Scottish football, isn’t that an oxymoron?



Scott Sinclair to open the scoring…


:slight_smile: Ha!


Git it doon ya.




Leigh Griffiths has missiles thrown at him before taking a corner. Informs referee.

The comes a Buckfast bottle.

Griffiths draws referee’s attention again.

Ref books Griffiths.



Once Buckfast is involved all reason goes out the window.


I reckon the ref took out the Buckfast and got the fook outta there.

At least now they know it’s Buckfast it’ll narrow the suspects down to about 20,000 …


I’m amazed they found a ref mad enough to take the fixture.


Incidentally, I never bet on Celtic. My post was prompted by the “Scott Sinclair loves bananas” banner hung across a cultural 11th night bonfire earlier this week.


I’ve heard of deep fried mars bars and some other mad Glasgow culinary delights but that takes the shortbread!


Pedro Caixinha sacked by Rangers. Hardly a surprise. They are still at least 3 years away from catching up with Celtic, I reckon. Unless Hearts or Aberdeen were to win the league, it’s easy enough to see Celtic winning 10-in-a-row, eclipsing the record they share with Rangers.