Scottish Football


And more I’d say .It will take a Fergus McCann type to step in & shove a huge wedge of cash into the club to sort out that mess . The calibre of player at Rangers is pretty poor .At least their attendences are good , heard a few fans tried to storm the directors box after the debacle against Kilmarnock last night .


Don’t know if many Ressers follow Scottish football, but today’s game between Celtic & Rangers had Simunovic sent off for use of the elbow. Linesman called it. Ref agreed straight away.
Questionable enough call, but the fact the linesman is a Scottish Tory MP, can’t help but wonder if he should be running the line at Ibrox, especially when Celtic are playing there.


Missed it today because of the Dubs , a 3.2 win away is a good one in anybody’s book .Odd that about the linesman . Am I surprised , not one bit.


Odd indeed.

Imagine Danny Healy Rae doing the line when we play Kerry.


Sure half are rangers season ticket holders or members of a lodge . Rotton to the core for generations . 3 nicely taken goals .


Ze Huns getting a hiding at Celtic Park. 5-0 with 15 mins left. Could easily have been 7 or 8-0 by now


There was 7 today :wink:



Keeping them sweet before his inevitable move down south unfortunately.

Little known fact, Tierney was born in the isle of man. Can’t be too many top level players coMong from them parts.



I can see why Rangers are thinking going for Gerrard. He’s already stopped Brendan Rodgers winning a title


Can I steal that one ?


Work away seen it myself elsewhere


This is probably bullshit but there’s a few tweets circulating about it .


Steven gerard would want to be off his head to go any where near the rangers job , absolutely schooled by a celtic team who cant even make a mark in Europe. Rangers board have shafted the current manager by allowing the speculation around the position, and what club seriously considers appointing a total rookie in such a pressurised job ?? Wont end well for him at all


I’ve heard its a stunt to encourage season ticket renewals which opened this week .



:joy: asterixs .There’s some rumours out there that Rangers dodgy dealings go back further than the ebts.They were playing with money they shouldn’t have had for a long time …


Dublin Loyal Blue? “We are the people”? Well presumably, unless you’re being accused of being aliens.


So Stevie signs a four year contract . Will be interesting next season.