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Stevie Me will be gone before the end of next season


I’d love to know what promises have been made to him regarding investment etc

He seems like a bright guy I’d be surprised if he’s sleepwalking into this.


Its a big gamble . He obviously wanted to get into football management . Can he keep the pundit work going , i dont know . He obviously backs himself so he either does have assurances or this will be a car crash . Time will tell . I think the appointment was to get fans onboard & sell season tickets .


He will probably get a few good loans through his Liverpool contacts. There is a great history and great connections between Liverpool and Rangers.




Go on…


Should be an interesting take :thinking:


Apart from Souness managing them what links are there ?

They’ve plenty of links with Celtic alright


Everton would be much more closely aligned to Celtic than Liverpool who were more the Rangers side of things.


Well that’s cleared that up !


Why do you think Stevie wants to steer them back to glory?


Liverpool and Rangers are both viewed historically as “Protestant” clubs, Liverpool to a far lesser extent but what are the links between the two clubs?

And what are the historical links between Everton and Celtic?


Stevie has a framed Celtic jersey in his house . That should go down well .


It’s a terrible choice for his first job in management, they’re a basketcase by all accounts. The fact he’ll most likely get a couple of hidings off Rodgers won’t make it any easier.

The Celtic/ Rangers/ Everton/ Liverpool debate should be rivetting.


Yeah, I’m already on edge after finding out Kerri Ann was the Fair City killer, not sure I can take much more drama!


It seems like such a bad choice that I can’t help but feel there’s more to it than meets the eye -
he couldn’t be that dim, could he?


There’s a debate ??


Cheers, I had that recorded…


A mass debate.
Sparked by our resident mass debater.