Scottish Football


I expect somewhere right now a green-clad hero is fighting the good fight.


Check this out , like the unveiling of signing a big signing :joy:


It’s great that they could all get the time off work…


Kerri-Ann wouldn’t kill a good dinner !!

It will be a while before Inspector Clouseau finds out who it was !


In John Deegan we trust


As I saw in the comments on the BBC Sport FB page

"It’s Steven Gerrard taking over not Jesus Christ "


I see there is talk of Liverpool-Rangers coming together to share players on loans etc.


Wouldn’t be surprised. They had a rake guys on loan from Newcastle united back in 2015 when Mike Ashley was a shareholder in Rangers


That’ll be down to the historical links…




I see a group of small animals were ripped apart in an American zoo by a hysterical lynx.


Friday afternoon pints or the internet.

Don’t do both. :wink:


Pints later!!! :+1:


And the fact Klopp is German.



Gary McAllister on the ticket also. Is Glasgow Rangers becoming an Old Boys’ club for ex-Liverpool players? Robbie Fowler will be providing digs for new recruits (special washing powder provided at discounted rates)?



20 years ago today Celtic stopped the 10 in a row


Wow, what a great time to be a Celtic fan. Stopping a 10-in-row. What…an achievement. The Scottish league, it truly has it all.


Remember it oh so well :grin: