Scottish Football


Certainly was a great time thanks . I enjoyed myself anyway. Got to a uefa cup final a few years later too


The spl was great fare back then . Very enjoyable . Some were glad to see the demise of Rangers but it just doesn’t have the same spark anymore .But then , I’d compare it now to the '90s when Celtic were simply not good enough & Rangers won the 9 in a row . Once Celtic do the 10 i hope it returns to the good old times.


Yep, the rangers team that came runners up that year had players like Brian Laudrup, Gascoigne, Mc Coist, Albert, Negri and Gattuso. There were some great players up there at the time.


Absolutely & the noughties were great too . I actually took a break about 6 years ago because i didn’t have a sports package to watch them , week in week out . I had a subscription to Celtic TV years ago too .


This is a funny account to follow


After the 5 all draw between Hibs & Rangers .
Hibs were 3.0 up , then it was 5.3 to Rangers only for Hibs to rescue a draw in the 90th minute



The Gerrard revolution in full effect :blush:
Reduced from 7,000 to around 900 for the away support next season.Celtic immediately responded with a similar move .



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Well granted it doesn’t sound great coming from Stan but still doesn’t make what he said untrue


He’s a loathsome individual and anything he says makes me automatically recoil…
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And if that wasn’t enough to dislike him, he played for Liverpool and scored a crucial goal in handing a PL title to Man Utd.

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Nice little video here , the young lad from NI with down syndrome who went viral when Samaras picked him up out of the crowd years ago . Celtic fans will probably know Jay .


He’s a popular boy at Celtic Park.