Scottish Football


Is the Scottish football about to get real then?


Celtic about to spend 9m on a striker. Probably half of Gerard’s budget! The gulf is too big


It’ll be intriguing to say the least .


I’m not sure it will be unfortunately, though I hope you’re right. Celtic have a war chest of funds, especially by Scottish standards. Will be enough to keep Rangers at bay for a good few years, coupled with what’s there already and with an experienced coach like Rodgers. If Guardiola took over Rangers I’d still say the same thing !


Well , I didn’t mean it would be competitive. More so the storyline Gerrard brings to table . It will certainly bring more attention to league for that reason alone .


Ah definitely. Anything to avoid the cake walks of the last few years is welcome !


I see Gerrard has signed girlfriend-beater, Jon Flanagan.


Rangers first competitive match under Gerrard was a 2-0 home win in a Europa League qualifier against some team from Macedonia.
City rival’s Celtic’s net spend this summer has been £1.21m so far. Celtic will play qualifying games for the Champions’ League and have been Scottish Champions for 7 years now. Celtic must have had much more income since Rangers went bust/were renamed in 2012. Rangers have had a net spend of almost £7m since Gerrard came in. I know the figures are relatively small compared to bigger spends across Europe. But it seems to me that Rangers have learned nothing.


I saw quite a bit of the game. For a relatively small Macedonian team Shkupi did well. If not for the Tavernier penalty at the end this tie would not be over.


Ah for God’s sake give it a rest. Nobody here gives a crap about Tavernier or anyone else. Take your spoofing to sites that might give a shite. Really wearing now and imo you are damaging a really good DUBLIN GAA SUPPORTERS WEBSITE.


The thread says Scottish football so thats what I commented on.


There’s certainly a broad spectrum of posters here…
As for damaging the site, come on!, the site might be damaged by endless ranting and arguments that we all get sucked into, that’s for real.


“Nobody here gives a crap about Tavernier or anyone else.”
The irony of it after this after his partner in crime posting about The Rangers .
You could not make this up :joy:


I met a guy once, over in the back arse of North Wales, had been at a Champions League qualifier game involving a League of Ireland club. This was not an easy place to get to, and this guy, from the far north of England, had no connections to either club. But he travelled all over Britain going to random games constantly, in all weathers, including weeknights, by train mostly. He knew all the stats. We asked him about some other LofI clubs and he was able to tell us as much as we knew and even a bit more. Mad Ted.


Your spot on Rashers :wink:


Settle now Blue Panther, don’t be drawing attention to yersel’.


At least Rangers are taking a pro active step for once


Interesting move , wonder how much his new employers are paying him :thinking:


What a nuts game for the tie being affectively over with Hibs leading 6-1 from the 1st leg. Will try to find highlights.


Ah you’re grand, thanks all the same.