Senior Provincial Hurling Championship 2019

Why is this the norm now?

Great to see Walsh Park back in action. Super crowd too.

Kelly on fire!

Poor stuff from Waterford at home. Need to get their act together.

Clare need a strong second half.Have a habit of falling apart in games. They second half against Waterford in league. Tony Kelly needs to be consistent for whole game instead of drifting in and out.

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A joke of a yellow card, for going for the ball.

Ger Canning really is insufferable

Looking forward to the championship for months and he’s doing the first RTÉ game.

Jesus wept.


Canning has been commentating for 39 years. Clare are a goal ahead. They get a free. And according to Canning they have a chance to make it a two point game.

Does he even realize he does this? Does anyone tell him?

Time to go.


He’s now suggesting that Waterford might be losing because of the pressure of playing at home.

Not sure I can take yet another summer of this.

I liked his total surprise that a young fella would bring a hurley to a hurling match.


Even his accent is deeply irritating. He is the TV version of Brian Carthy.

That was a wide. Point given.

Darragh is good on the radio

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Cathy knows infinitely more than Canning, in fairness.

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Clare by a point. Looks like Munster will be as mad again this year.

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Happy days Clare dug in. Probably should won by more,poor decision making and discipline brought Waterford back into game. Backed John Conlan for first goalscorer too.

Darragh Maloney has been the best commentators on RTE tv and radio for GAA for a while now.


Agreed. As for all the mots, Jacqui Hurley I could do without but Joanne Cantwell could eat all the crisps she wanted and still keep the job!


Cork roaring back into this. Great stuff.

Great save from Nash

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