Serie A





I’d say the Roma fan page is hopping tonight :sob::sob:


Twonks. That’s what you get for (almost certainly!) dabbling, good enough for them.


You’d think this thread would be much busier with so many Ressers being avid Roma fans…


They are all over on the league of Ireland thread wondering where the mighty Wes is going to end up :wink:


Juve losing 2-1 to ten man Inter at the moment. Big boost for Napoli if it stays like this. Napoli going for their first league title since the days of Maradonna


Juve jammy ***** two goals in a minute to win 3-2


Christy Ronaldo gone to Juve. £88m rising to £105m with add ons


The Grand Old Lady of Turin … perfect.


Be better suited to Rooney


Wonder who Real have lined up ?
Neymar would just stir the pot nicely .



Hope he lives up to Ronnie o brien , voted time magazines man of the century when he was with Juventus a few years back. Never played a single minute in serie a but almost proved Bryan Robson wrong . After robbo released him from Middlesbrough Ronnie told him I ll see you when I m playing for AC Milan. Close .


This is outrageous. What next?! Hill 16 is male only?


If they banned bodhrans and wimmin fro the hill the world would be a better place


Who would bring the sambos, the baby Jaegers in the handbag, and hold yer jacket?