Sigerson Cup 2019


Hopefully we see another Dublin college win the Sigerson this year
Paddy Power have UCD as favorites followed by DCU then UCC
UCC bet DCU by a point in the league in November but as we all know championship is a different ball game altogether



Sigerson has lost its way and morphed into the GPA/IC way of things. Various colleges juiced with multiple scholarships etc.


Jaysus I don’t know how the players agreed to have their faces mucked up for the Sigerson-Fitzgibbon photocall! I’d have told the photographers to do one.




Think it’s been that way a long time…val Andrews 94 I think winning team…




Strong UCD team with Cian O connor and Darren Gavin from the o byrne cup squad,itll be interesting to see if they play tomorrow


Ucd are playing dit tonight with a few dubs involved. It will be live streamed on the link below I believe


UCD knocked out.


Didn’t score until the 38th minute