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Couldn’t find this topic , I’m sure it was here earlier . Anyway mods can move this or delete it .
Is there anyway ye can remove the restrictions on having to need to type at least 20 characters for the post to be uploaded .


And a mark as read feature if possible.


If you go into the home page of the site and then go into ‘Latest Topics’. Your unread topics will be in bold, once you click the thread it will automatically bring you to the posts you haven’t read in that thread.


I meant an option to mark items as read when I don’t read them. Then they won’t continue to appear on the list you mentioned


Delighted it’s back. First impression is it looks great, but after using a few times I think there’s a lot going on though isn’t there? Is there any need for the user stats on each thread. I mean does it matter who the top contributor is etc? Just nit-picking.

Serious issue though, on Firefox when I click my profile at the top I can’t choose anything within the box that pops up. I had to open in IE to change settings. Dunno if it’s just me.


I presume any suggestions which don’t cut the mustard will be moved to a very similarly named thread … the only difference being a h added as the second letter …


probably no need for it no, but i don’t even see them any more to be honest with you.


Does that only show up on the desktop view ?


nope it’s on mobile as well under the first post on a topic - not a big issue IMHO.


that was annoying me as well - have removed it (set it to 1 character).


I don’t like change :worried:




I see this happens automatically. Depending on your settings it marks them unread after a number of days


Beat me to it, think the default is 48 hours, then stuff is no longer cinsidered new. You can change the time on your account settings.


I see by clicking on the :arrow_up: we can show we “liked” a post

Maybe there’s a call for the :arrow_down: to show we “disliked” the post :grinning:


i replaced the heart to like a post - due to popular demand


No worries … I don’t mind what icon we press, I really only wanted to dislike the post on the rugby 2016 thread saying :

“I would really love to see Connacht win tomorrow just for something different”.



ha! … no easy way to add a dislike button, unfortunately


A low-fi workaround I use is: quote the post in question and write ‘what a load of bollocks’.

I do not think your post quoted above is a load of bollocks, just for clarity.


For the mods.

Could the AFL 3 thread be moved to the club football section?