Social Hurling


I see there’s a twitter account advertising social hurling for the summer. Similar to 5 aside soccer they seem to be organizing for retired hurlers. Seems like a good idea. Twitter account is @dublinsocialhurlin. Mainly northside based.


Great idea

We had 4 teams in last year
Beann eadair
Craibh cieran

Was great fun

Looking for a few more clubs to join. This year


What did ye play? 7 aside? Sounds like a good idea.


I might be able to hack it if it’s 7 a side on a tennis court.


Hack? I see- said Iomaint!


Great idea, is it for retired players or beginners? the success of tag rugby is that absolute beginners/non-sporty all their life people can join in and enjoy it.


It’s 15 a side and mostly lads that are retired play in it but there’s a few that would be beginners too


No 15 a side
Role on and off
Check out the social hurling Facebook page


Did a fair bit of social hurling in me time … very messy on the shoes …


It’s up and running on the south side now. St James Gaels played Kevin’s earlier in a friendly.