Sporting Predictions - 2019


Not sure where this goes. Dubs to do five in row in football. Hurlers beat all but Tribes in Leinster. Galway/Clare to win the McCarthy with Tipp again not coming out of Munster. In rugby, Ireland wins 6 nations and if not decimated by injury, wins RWC 2019. Joe Schmidt is given the freedom of Limerick and Dublin 4. That soccer nonsense trundles on but nobody cares. McGregor goes back under a stone. The career of Big Jum Mc Guinness continues its current trajectory with a stint with the Partick Thistle under 14 reserves. Marty Morrissey gets married. Waterford Whispers can’t actually cope!


Maybe I should put this in the political predictions but Jim mcguinness gets the Democrats nomination for the White House and wins it. Nothing and I mean nothing that man can’t do


The way Trump is going it wouldn’t surprise me to see Jim in the Whitehouse


-Football: Dubs to walk to 5 in a row
-Hurling: Clare/Galway to win All Ireland. Sneaky feeling for Tipp to win Munster but lose in all Ireland semi and will stick neck out and say limerick will actually struggle with all the hype and fail to get out of Munster. Dubs to beat Wexford and Carlow to get out of Leinster but a QF is as good as it will get
-Rugby: Ireland to slip up in 6 nations (possibly in Cardiff) and not win it but will get the finger out and win the WC and there won’t be a hedgefund seen to in Blackrock until 2020.
-Soccer: Ian Harte and Clinton Morrison to co-captain Ireland in Euro qualifiers. Morrison to finish as top scorer across all groups
-Cricket: …


City to win the premiership… There you go Pool fans, I’ve just won the premiership for you!


Donegal Democrats! :grinning: