Stephen Cluxton - legend

So true. When you put yourself back in that moment nearly eight years gone already, it was like a dream. After the goal I didn’t believe we would win but the hope after that familiar horrible sinking feeling of it being gone was a massive boost. But then came the fear that we don’t take the opportunity.

Kevin Nolan’s point made it seem really possible.Then all the rest of it, it was such a period of drama and emotions packed into eight minutes. It was still very much a dream that Cluxton kicked that score, and that the ref blew it up. I think it only started to become very real when the carping about the ref started.

I really wish now that I had a copy of that famous photo from behind Stevo.


Kevin Nolans point ten times better. A big hoof from Dorothy. The fecker is till dining of on it.

Seriously…lots of meddles…but how many All Stars?
100 championship games for Dubh Linn but arra sure it’s easy to play that many games when you have twice as many counties in Leinster as in Munster. Any eejit will tell you that means twice as many games so winning 100 appearance in Leinster is the same as 50 appearances in Munster.

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Worrier you don’t play everyteam in leister so your point is invalid, he played so many because of his dedication, talent and the success of the team, he is a true hero

Get up out of that. All stars? Give me Celtic crosses any day.

The :goat: for me , simple

Ah JJF don t be falling for that wind up shite. Anyway congrats to Stevo , the last 10 mins of 2011 final indeed the greatest 10 mins ever .

Indeed. The ten minutes that nothing could ever equal.

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Any eejit could, and indeed you have told us. Now stop your meddles here and back to pretending Cork are a big threat on the Kerry and Cork forums with you (though you might be very alone on the Cork forum).

This one…

That’s brilliant, need to get that printed and framed

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Stephen goes down as one of the greatest ever footballers to have graced the game .

I got a framed print of that image as a wedding present (well, we did, but the wife wasn’t that bothered with it!)


I’ve asked this question before and i don’t think I’ve ever got a straight answer. Is there any other player that has scored the winning point in two All Ireland finals? That would be an amazing stat for the best full forward in the game but for a goalkeeper it’s bordering on illogical. Simply the greatest goalkeeper of all time. The winning point in 2011 and the display in the 2013 final. He actually should have won POTY in 2013 for that final performance alone. What a legend.

I have that picture framed on a canvas and the bottom half has Kev Mc’s goal and we are in the shot in 301 in the Cusack. It is rounded off with a poem about the point and signed by SC!

There’s loads of different versions of that pic knocking about. I’ve seen it in books, on posters, framed on pub walls etc etc, so it has to be commercially available from somewhere. Have a look at some of the press photo agency websites like Sportsfile, Inpho Sports & Getty Images. You’ll probably find a print of it that you can order online & have it shipped out to you care of the Urlinfuuud Post Mistress. Nosy cow will want to know what class of a yoke you’re ordering that comes rolled up in a tube, but just tell her to sod off.

You can buy it from Sportsfile here …

See. That’s your €2 hard at work already. :clap:

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Cheers everyone. This is the version I’m going to get done, ball on the way over the big bad giant! Clux still in kicking pose. Birthday in August an all, hint hint… :grinning:

“Fascinating tactical battle?”

Yeah right Whelo.

Fitzmaurice wouldn’t know “a fascinating tactical battle” if it hit him in the head with a mallet. :roll_eyes: