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This is nuts




Just watched the first Episode of this last night. He was arrested yesterday after 40 years on the run. Unbelievable story


Well , this is awkward :eyes:


Was just reading about Chris Helmsworth doing abit of a read about Infinity Wars .Turns out his uncle was the real life person who Crocodile Dundee was based on . And this guy had a weird & tragic life .


These tweets are dedicated to Keanu Reeves doing things . 150k followers , just pictures of him doing every day things


there is also a great “Kim Jong-Un Looking/Pointing at things” internet trend


Jaysus. He should do less things & learn to act.


Everyone remember Kane from WWE



“Is that a truncheon in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”


Jeeze … you try to get some handcuff practice and this is what happens …


True story
I was on a commuter train platform the other day and there was a blind guy way down the opposite platform - near where the ramp goes down. I was looking at him - he was the only guy on that side and I was thinking to myself is he safe, could he go over by accident, etc. But at least he was walking back towards the centre. I was getting more relieved the nearer he got.

Then I realised it was a bloke spraying weedkiller on the platform!!


It’s like the time I saw the frisbee that was getting bigger, I couldn’t understand it, and then it hit me!




Fucked up


Good news story for a change. Lucky lads


Thats mental.