Super 8 Explainer


Hypotheticall question?, Say they get Kildare in qualifers and Kildare were to beat them, There is not a hope in hell of Newbridge holding the game, you’d have to imagine kildare would look for croke park !!!


Could you imagine the fucking meltdown from certain people :joy::joy::joy:


O’Moore I’d say


A trip to Omagh for us would be interesting


I was thinking of the poor unfortunate Brazillian


Also, the qualifiers would have to play two more games to join us - that’s about 8 games in 10 weeks


Whats the plan for Dublin’s neutral venue game.


■■■■ that, when is our home game in Parnell Park??


Could we nominate Aughrim?


If monaghan ,tyrone and mayo.avoid each other in qualifers they will all make the super 8s


Oh Jesus :joy:


Are you implying there may be a bit of jiggery pokerey for the draw tomorrow :thinking::thinking:


Impossible, anyone can watch it live on the radio


How dare you suggest the GAA would do such a thing :open_mouth:


Stranger things have happened…


UEFA and FIFA do it all the time


And give Cork a handy draw to ensure we meet them .


Yep. As I said PUC won’t pay for itself. Cork to get Leitrim is nailed on IMO


Cork won’t be in the draw til next week. C’mon lads - buck up here.


All nicely falling into place here .