Super 8 Explainer


Kelly calling for a tiered championship


Yeah lads, get your shit together.


This suggests are away game would be against Roscommon or whomever beats them


It’s the Indo ffs - have a look at the link I posted. I think I’d trust before the rag.


If cork play like they did on Saturday i’d Fancy Leitrims chances.


The Indo have mixed up rounds two and three in Group 2 (Dublin’s group).
The confirmed fixtures are: Our neutral ground game v Donegal is first, then away to Cork or whoever beats them finishing up home to Roscommon or who ever beats them.

The ticket situation will be interesting if we have an away game in say Kildare or Mayo. Neither Newbridge or Castlebar would hoold the home support that would want to be at that game never mind the Dublin support. Can’t see those grounds holding those games.


Just thought I might throw in this explainer for tomorrow’s round 3 qualifier draw (should be just enough to tip Dub09 over the edge)


Yeah the original thought process was one home game, one away and on neutral. Croke going to be neutral venue for a lot of counties. The culchies will go ape now.


I don’t understand why they don’t use Semple or Cork as the neutral venue for the Dubs playing anyone south of Ulster.


I must read one of these explainers.

I know people say the super 8s is not perfect but i do think it is a stepping stone to a better format and it should throw up some good games in the group stages.

the hurling reaction to the super 8s is arguably a much better format. now if some genius in the GAA can take the quantum leap of merging the league and championship so that there’s more time and championship games we’ll be laughing.


Imagine Mayo beat Kildare, then draw Cork and beat them. An away championship game in Castlebar, that’d be something else


It would but imagine the alternative. Kildare beat Mayo, draw Cork & beat them. Where do we play Kildare! Upraor when it is fixed for Croke Park.


there wasnt uproar when Kildare chose Croke Park in the league a few years back.

actually, there was, about dublin getting so many home games, not against kildare!


The Meltdown from you know who would be amazing :grin:


just looked up the indo’s expert


Just realised the final two games in the 1st round are the same day as the WC final which is a 4pm KO Be interesting to see if there’s any changes made


True gaels won’t want to watch England romp home! :yum:


No … but one of life’s great pleasures is watching the Germans beat them on penalties :rofl:


It’s an absolute disgrace we’ve two home games it’s bordering on embarassing.

How can they actually justify it?


Has this been confirmed anywhere or are people just assuming? We should be playing Donegal in Breffni Park imo.