Super 8 Explainer


Its been comfirmed. 1st round of Super 8s are neutral in Croke Park. Then next 2 are home and away.

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That’s a joke. I’m sick of croke park and
was really looking forward to 2 big championship games away.


Why should Donegal (Ulster champions) get to play at home? It’s a pity some Dublin people have bought into the narrative that Croke Park is our home ground. It simply isn’t.


I agree. That’s why I posted about it on the other thread. We should kick up a fuss and get our home fixture played in Parnell Park and stop allowing the other counties dictate to us where we play


Are you really saying that it is other counties who are forcing Dublin to play in Croke Park???


Seriously. How is this so complicated?


In the Leinster Championship ? Most definitely we are a cash cow that is paying for GPO’s all over Leinster. Make no mistake about it, We get the rough end of the stick for hurling and underage fixtures but at senior level the extract what they can out of the fan base. They had their chance with a vote 5-6 years ago and Dublin abstained it was something like 10-1 in favour of playing Croke park. The change in the last two years was to bow to pressure but accounts are down on Celtic tiger years, Leinster finals getting 80k crowd are now long gone.

We should play in Parnell Park on a home and away basis with all counties for rounds of Leinster championship, it would sell out and accommodate season ticket holders and we wouldn’t get half the crap we do. Would love it if DCB brought this to Leinster Council. We would lose financially but not as much as other counties.


Not a hope in hell Leinster Council would vote for that despite all their whinging


QFT. The first round of the Quarter Finals (I’m refusing to use that other term from now on in solidarity with Kildare County Board) are where all the provincial finalists play in Croke Park. Thats fair enough, lots of QF’s are played in croke park, even Roscommon -v- Mayo.

What isnt fair is the assigning of Croke Park as an official “home” venue for us in this round. The fact that the DCB have allowed it, and combined with the way the DCB allowed the “Neutral” Hurling QF last year to be played in Thurles just shows to me the politics that goes on behind the scenes - maybe DCB have been told to put up or else risk losing Games Development Money. Once that ball gets thrown in that game all agruments we have about Croke Park not being our home (however slim they are with the spring series) go out the window. It doesnt matter if Kildare and Meath play as often there as we do, or that Mayo played there as much as we did last year, the moral argument has been abandoned by the DCB.

This was always going to happen, the first signs of this greed was bringing Ulster Finals to Croke Park, disguised by saying Clones was too small for the games, but in reality it was all about giving matches to the boxes and ten year ticket holders. This is what the new QF’s are about as well.

There is nothing new in this, 15 years ago we were aware that the Leinster Council and the GAA wated as many of us in for their matches till the semi finals and then we were told to shag off so lads from other counties who hadnt bothered their holes all year could get tickets for the “new” Croke Park.

But sure, do you really think the GAA are going to allow Kildare, Dublin, Clare and so on actually pick their county grounds for the QF’s and watch 50,000 €25 tickets vanish into the ether each time?


Leinster council are aren’t they? It’s them deciding that Dublin are playing Leinster games in Croker. I read before that the last vote on it a few years that DCB were the only ones who voted against us in Croker.


I think Dublin abstained and Laois were the no vote. Might be wrong though.


Croke Park is the senior footballers de facto home pitch. It’s not completely of our own making but to state otherwise is nonsense imo.
The longevity of the league spring series arrangement makes it so. Championship is less relevant. It also probably goes against the DCB’s outreach aims to alter this and it could be said they have a point.


Correct . When was the last time we played a league game in PP , 2009 /2010 ?
If they want to do this right , then 1 game in PP , 1 in Croker & 1 st neutral venue .
We may see it yet after this current fiasco .


Agree with this.


Last Championship match Dublin played in Parnell Park was 2004 v London after being knocked out by Westmeath in Leinster.

In 2010 when we went backdoor route v Tipperary we were in Croke Park in the qualifiers.

I love watching Leinster Hurling matches in Parnell Park this year whereas the football has been forgettable atmosphere partly due to the opposition and quality of the games and partly due to empty feeling with the crowds.


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As another poster showed earlier, the first round of games are fixed for Croke Park, not any “neutral” venue. A mistake I made meself.


Wish people would read things before commenting in ignorance. There is so much of it about.


YI’m sorry for stating the obvious,but,Super 8’s is a brand new format and the GAA are looking to promote top games being shown in football. The format as states is Super 8, ie the Top 8 Counties in Ireland.
As a showcase for the Game/New Format it was always going to be held in the Top Stadium, Four games over one weekend, and what better way to kick it off.
I’m sick to my back teeth with all these Yahoo pricks all over Social Media and Forums using this to have a dig at Dublin Football, is having an extra home game BS.
Simple answer to these knobs:

  1. Invest your funding in underage structures and like Dublin, you will see rewards down the line.
  2. Stop investing your funding in one team that you think might bring home SAM.
  3. Stop investing in White Elephants that get used more by Rock Bands than your Membership.

In essence Stop complaining about how others are doing or how they invested their funds.

Rant over. Oiche mhaith.


You’re not alone. Couldn’t see the wood for the trees. It’s bleedin’ obvious actually! :flushed: