Super 8 Explainer


The begrudgers can all go and shag off.
Dublin v Idon’tgiveashite in the All-Ireland Final in CROKER.


They need to amend that for Dublin next year then, as Croke Park is in Dublin. Set Semple or Páirc Uí Chaoimh as Dublin’s big other stadium to play in, so Dublin don’t play twice in Croke Park.


Should be amended for us to play in Parnell Park if it’s fairness we’re after as everyone keeps telling us


How about we play our home match in Parnell Park and the rest of you that can’t get in watch on telly.

It will be rather sad and somewhat disappointing, and a little fucked up, if we don’t get to see our best ever team play a competitive game in our home ground. Parnell Park is no longer considered our home ground due to recent precedent but it is and will be again. It absolutely rocks when it’s packed, it’ll be an awful shame if we don’t get to experience that with the current team.


Just wanted to check something, I was told yesterday that 20k Parnell Park passes are issued each year? That’s a split between stand and terrace, anyone have idea of figures?


I’m assuming you mistakenly put that 0 in yeah?


Absolutely no chance, I’d say less than one tenth of that figure.


Nearly sure it’s 3000 season tickets and 2500 Parnell passes


Not really, you moving to Parnell Park is like us moving it to Ballina or Ballinrobe. It is disingenuous to argue that Croke Park is not the defacto home ground of Dublin.


Well then the whole rules of the super 8s have to be ripped up as you’d have one other county always having 2 home games if they were in Dublins group. And it’s fairness we all after don’t forget. Do away with Dublin playing in Croker altogether for all league games. Only have them play provincial finals and All Ireland series there. Parnell park for everything else.


Why did Dublin play Kilkenny and Offaly in the championship in Parnell park this year so?


Well that is also a disingenuous argument. We are clearly talking about the footballers. For hurling there isn’t a clear precedent that Croke Park is Dublin’s defacto home ground.


It’s alright lads. Next year the rules will be changed to give the CCCC total power over fixtures. And bearing in mind the Olympic levels of whining from some counties that’s no bad thing.


OK I am probably missing something but how does that mean two home games for anyone else? If you play Cork, have it in Semple, if you play Tipp have it down in Cork.


So then one county has no away fixture in the super 8s. One home and two neutral. You’ll still have people complaining cause it’s all about fairness at the end of the day.


Simple. Get us out of Croker full stop and play all our games in Parnell bar finals and All Ireland series in Croker like everyone else. It’s that simple. We’ll use all our sponsorship money to keep motoring forward and every other county falls behind in terms of funding. And we get our home ground back. Win win for us


If Mayo end up in Dublin’s group, and their home game naturally would be McHale Park. There’s nothing to stop Mayo CB saying, listen lads, there’s going to be huge amount of support for this from both sides, let’s have it in Croker instead.
The question I’d have, would Mayo CB want to lose the gate receipts to accommodate more of their supporters?


Sure we only won 5 of the last 6 Leagues by having all our League games, home and away, in Croke Park …

But let’s not lost sight of the bottom line here … Dublin are the greatest football team the GAA has ever seen.


Agree with this. Get our home game in the Nell, neutral in croker and away in what ever. No complaints…


Got beat by wickla last night justt saying …