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Wicklow have a centre of excellence … just saying … :wink:


I know :roll_eyes: didn’t see that coming. From reports full credit to Wicklow, seems we had a meltdown .


We have also hockeyed kerry ,mayo on their own ground in league


What was the score in this year’s league final again it’s slipped my mind ?


Jeeze - it was Round 5 as distinct from the final and I can’t remember for sure but I think it was something in the region of

KERRY 0-11


Just to clarify you did say

KERRY 0-11


MacHale can hold 42,000. It is downgraded to 38,000 for health and safety. That is plenty big for a home game v Dublin. Just some Mayo and Dublin loyal followers will miss out. The season ticket, CMST and Parnell Pass will be more than accommodated. A significant portion of the loyal fans of both counties will be sorted.


I think the 4,000 reduction is for the big fleg - no?


Dubs whipped kerry by 18 points.
When a “serious team” is beat by 18 points in a league final it is commonly referred to as a “whipping”.DUBLIN 2-17 kerry 0-11.
Enjoy your ice creams freshly whipped !


Twas not the final … we bate Galway in the Final …


That was in Croke Park, so it doesn’t count :wink:


And Croke Park is not the defacto home of the dubs. I’m trying to type that with a straight face. Very fooking hard. Like dying to fart in an important meeting.


I’d be for Parnell Park for our home game. If I missed out so be it. There’s a point full sold out stadiums will reinvigorate the football championship as it has in hurling.


Agree with you there!


We’ll bunk you in.


McHale pk is a dump. Seriously-stone seats in 2018?
Keep improving the main stand and terrace the rest properly with facilities out back for beforehand and at halftime.


Sorry but good games have reinvigorated hurling. No amount of full stadiums is going to help if a majority of games are over by half time.


Same hurling championship that was like the football is now a few years back with Kilkenny and Another in the final with all leinster games being a cake walk for kilkenny.


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