Super 8 Group 1


They don’t play like that. They beat Dublin in the League in Croker a couple of months back. They didn’t have 12 men behind the ball. If Kerry play a sweeper how will Monaghan play them man to man? With 7 forwards? You need to get on YouTube and study the Farney a bit.


That was in the league when Dublin made a bunch of changes preparing for a league final. Remember the quarter final last year against Dublin?


What years are you talking about? They last played Kerry in championship in 2007/8 when they lost by I believe a goal and a point respectively. And they obviously weren’t favourites considering Kerry just won back to back AIs.


It’s the toughest of the two groups. It’s hard to call who will come out in what order, but Kerry will most likely be one of the teams. It will be interesting to see if Kildare can keep up their momentum…


But anyone coming out of Ulster in the Noughties has to be good? And they rarely lost to Kerry.


The last time Kildare were in this kind of company Kerry hit them for 7 goals.


They don’t play with 12 behind the ball. Dublin made 2/3 changes none of whom weakened the team considerably.


Think this group has the potential to throw up a few great games over the next few weeks. You’d imagine it’ll be Kerry and one of the other 3 coming through the group, but this Sunday’s games are massive.

Galway unquestionably have the quality to put it up to Kerry, and really should be value at 3/1, but they’ve been so poor in Croke park during the championship for the guts of 20 years. Despite the league form, I remain unconvinced until they do it on the big day. They can get at Kerry’s defence, but whether they believe in themselves or not remains to be seen.

I actually think at 13/8 Kildare are value vs Monaghan. They’re on the crest of a wave at the moment. They’ve all the momentum coming into this game, and I’d argue they’ve a deeper panel than Monaghan also. There’s every chance they get a win here, and a win against Galway in Newbridge, which would put them in a semi final. But they’re Kildare and there’s also a chance they’ll let the last few weeks get to their head and not perform when it matters.

Genuinely fascinated by this group, and feel it’ll go right to the wire


Kildare and Monaghan both have poor records in Croke Park. The winner of that game could be in a good position carrying a bit of confidence into a home game next weekend. Equally the loser of Kerry v Galway will be going into their away match asking questions of themselves.


“Undoubtedly it is upfront where the side oozes talent. David Clifford and Sean O’Shea are huge additions to their options, where Paul Geaney, James O’Donoghue and Stephen O’Brien have looked in fine form to date. Throw in the experience of Darran O’Sullivan, Kieran Donaghy and Barry-John Keane and it is a unit that even Dublin might be casting an envious glance towards.



I hope kildare emerge and Dublin play them in the semi final. The chance to wallop those windy shitebags should never be passed up.


They’d insist on playing in #newbridgeornowhere*.


Ah Jaysis it’s McGuinness again


Come on the Farney


Ah that’s that. I can’t listen to McGuinness and Canavan anymore. I’ll switch back on at 2. McGuinness couldn’t help himself with the Croke Park Dublins home ground comment. Pathetic little man


Interested to see which Kildare show up today .
Well see what they are made of or whether they just caught Mayo on an off day .


There is only one Kildare. They’re shite. Their record this year is still an embarrassment. Farney by 6


Is it just me or are the jerseys very similar here. Surely Kildare should be in white?


Came on to post same thing… bizzare that they both changed to similar colour, Yes rules state both to change but in this instance a toss of coin should have been made as to who changes… ccc really should be issuing instructions on jersey colour prior to games,


Lol , odd goal