Super 8 Group 1


A point each after THIRTEEN minutes.


About 8 wides


What did the ref stop play for if he’s not booking anyone? Galway were on the attack


Carney loves the word “malice”.


Der Bomber always gets on the camera


And Pat gets a mention too


Big loss for Galway


Kerry kickouts are a disaster.


Wides as bad if not worse than Dublins yesterday


The Kerry mask has slipped in the view of Carney.


Super 8’s my ballocks… Mule.


Sorry switched to WC, Carney’s “sublime technique’ in how he put that wide is puke…


3 points each …really…


Switched myself. Painfull commentry and painfull viewing!


Irrefutable proof now that the structure is not the issue. There is something fundamentally wrong with the game at inter county level. It’s virtually unwatchable. And when it follows a hurling game like the one we just saw it makes it all the worse. The hurling has been a joy all year. The football is beyond depressing at this stage.


He has a head like malice it must be said. To think the taxpayer funds this gobshite


How can spillane blame the first half of that rubbish on both teams been cagey.
Very poor if Dublin served up that he would have let loose with both barrels.



5 points in 35+ mins, and this is a forward line our lads would apparently struggle to get into, KOTF me bollix,


Any statement from Brolly and spillane about the third coming of the KOTF should be answered back with ‘me bollix’