Super 8 Group 1


Dublin will win this All Ireland pulling up now that Mayo are gone. Nothing today to worry them.


KOTF all over the shop at the back.


Jesus this is absolutely comical shite.


Such a poor wide there from Heaney.


Thought it would be later in summer, but you’d miss the helter skelter drama of the mayo lads.
Super eights should improve once you get to home/away grounds but poor fare this weekend.
TG for the hurling


Cassidy is so poor a ref he will get the AI Final


Galway are way ahead of Kerry here.


Kerry in deep shit now.


Young should have gone for a black card earlier.


Galway will ■■■■ this up.




Your man in the cowboy hat.


Monaghan away will be difficult one for Kerry.


All the talk about the new superstar Kerry goalkeeper…

Three points in it - hard to see a come back.


Yeah there’s a real chance they could exit at the Super 8 stage.


After round 2 :joy:


Phase 1 complete


Carney you blind thick ■■■■ he clearly pulled him down.


Going to be an interesting test for the young Kerry lads next week - going into the Clones cauldron in a must win game, against an uncompromising Monaghan team with their tails up.

Every chance that could be it for them if they don’t kick it up a few gears.