Is a straight red card a suspension in both codes and for how long?

Are suspension rules/periods the same for all counties under one rules and regulations or do each county implement their own?


Straight red cards are match suspensions and only apply to the competition you are sent off in.

Yes suspensions rules / periods are the same for every county. They are set out in the official guide.


thanks for that, why I intercounty different then? e.g Connolly


No. Interfering with a match official is all codes and levels no matter what team you’re playing for when the offence is committed.


Depends on the offence you are sent off for. Some cards are as you said match suspensions in the same competition. Some can be across all codes including refereeing if the play is a ref.


I got a straight red a few weeks ago for an ‘alleged’ strike (diver) in div9, which I got a 1 match ban. Was that only for the next match in div9, could I have played the following week in div 5 had they wanted me to? Not that they would have, but just out of curiosity


Who knows? To me code and level would mean the Division 9 team so technically you could have played for the division 5 team.

The system is a complete mess.


The rule says a one match suspension in the same code and at the same level applicable to the next game in the same competition. So you could get sent off in an AFL9 game and come on as a sub in an AFL 8 game on an adjoining pitch within minutes without breaking any rule.


It’s absolutely ludicrous.

It’s possible to send a guy to hospital and not miss a game at all.


Are you having a a laugh? Sorry, I meant is that rule having a laugh?


You are 100% correct and it has happened.


Just for those who mightn’t know code means football or hurling.
Level means club level, school level, college level or inter county level. So it is possible to be suspended in one competition and still play in others within that level.


I know it has. That’s why I posted it.